Our Summer So Far

So far our summer has been so wonderful, very fun and enjoyable for both of us. Some of the big things that have happened include: Jake getting transferred to an office closer to home making his commute only about 10-15 minutes as opposed to an hour like before when he was working downtown. When he moved offices he got his company car which is such an awesome perk and blessing with his job, free car, gas paid for, along with any car maintenance, which in turn means I have gotten my car back FINALLY! 

Other fun things we have been doing include projects around the house which I will write a seperate blog post on so I can include pictures of everything. But our house project list continues to grow, but luckily I love doing projects around the house, it’s definitely one of my favorite hobbies. But I have also gotten to spend lots of time with my sister and nephew since they are both on summer break right now. We have been doing lots of fun shopping and out to lunch days, lots of pool days, along with some fun trips just the three of us. A few weeks ago we made our week long trip to Abilene to visit my parents and so I could visit my sweet girls which was a fun trip, always too short but that is just life I guess. And our biggest trip we took our long awaited beach vacation that we had been planning since after Christmas and it was fabulous, lots of time in the sun, yummy food, and tons of laughs with the family! I will definitely do a seperate blog post on our family beach vacation with LOTS of pictures!  


And coming up next week will be another girls trip plus Parker going to Austin for a few days while my mom is working there we are going to hang out at the hotel and find some fun stuff to get into in Austin. I love Austin, girls trips, and hotels so put them altogether and I think its going to a fun time! It will probably be the last trip with my sister and nephew for the summer since unfortunately school will start before we know it! Jake & I are going to try and go to Abilene in mid August to celebrate Claire & Elizabeth’s birthday parties with them but that will probably be the end of our summer travels.  But we have loved summer 2014 so much and already have so much to look forward to in the coming months. More updates to come 🙂


The joys of May

I’ve always just loved the month of May for a couple of different reasons but mainly because it really brings about the anticipation of the fun summer months. I know summer is technically still about a full month away for everyone else but living so far down south where we are we are definitely already experiencing summer like temperatures outside and they will only continue to rise! But aside from the weather of summer I love the end of school and the beginning of a fun summer break when all the kids are out of school and fun family vacations and there is nothing at all like the smell of sunscreen and tanning oil, I just love it! We are having a fun summer family vacation for a week in Biscane Beach and I couldn’t be more excited to spend a week at the beach laying out, enjoying the sun, yummy meals with my family, and most of all fun times making memories together.



But until summer really arrives we are living in the moment and enjoying the month and all it has brought us and we have had so much to be thankful for and to really praise God for! First of all about three weeks ago Jake received the news that he would be getting his transfered from downtown Houston area (which is about an hour commute to and from work sometimes longer, especially during traffic) to the west side of Houston which is the area we live in so where he is working now is only a 20 minute commute to and from work which he is loving so much more. He loves the shop he got trasnferred to and the his manager and team he is now working with. And another fabulous blessing that came our way last week was that Jake got his promotion/raise after working so hard for it and I am so so proud of him for performing at the very top of his team at work. He works so hard to provide such a wonderful life for him and I and I am so so thankful that God gave me him and gave him this awesome job that he is completely thriving at!  It just really feels like things are finally falling into place with his job and life in general, it is such a relief and blessing to have him get his work car so I can finally use the car for errands and all my doctor appointments and everything else going on. God just has such a way of blessing us and this time it feels like a ton of bricks of pressure and relief have been lifted off and I am so thankful!



Also right now we are helping Jake’s brother and sister in law while they are waiting on their rent house to be finished so they have been staying with us since Easter weekend and we have kindly introduced them to our current tv obsession of Dexter. We are currently on the beginning of season 7 and none of us can believe how things have unfolded. But Jake & I are deciding right now what to watch next since we will be finished watching Dexter very soon at the rate we watch since its on Netflix and all of our main cable shows are all wrapping this week as well. Currently I’m so sad to even think about Dr. Cristina Yang leaving Grey’s Anatomy because that is really my true obsession. I’m still really trying to figure out how they are going to play it all out with Yang leaving, Owen staying or leaving, Mer/Der leaving or staying, and what the heck season 11 is going to be like since I know most of the original will be back. Oh my how I’m such a tv addict no matter the cable package I have haha we downgraded this year to the basic cable package along with HBO and Netflix so I guess I’ll always find some tv show to be obsessed with! Let me know in the comments any suggestions that are great binge watching tv shows. I’m considering Scandal, True Detective, and we are also continuing Orange Is The New Black Season 2 which premieres June 6th I think.



Easter Weekend

Unfortunately this is going to be a sad looking post because we never took one single picture on Easter Sunday. We spent Easter Sunday with Jake’s side of the family because our sister in law, Dani, made the most important decision and got baptized and dedicated her life to Christ. So we went to church with Jake’s brother and sister in law to support her along with Jake’s mom who was in town for Easter weekend and then out to brunch after church then home to hang out, play games, just be lazy, and do Easter baskets together. It was a pretty nice relaxing weekend, Jake’s mom stayed until Monday afternoon. And we were so blessed to be able to celebrate Dani giving her life to Christ, there is not one thing that is more important!! I feel very thankful that Dani asked us to come be a part of her special day and support her in this big decision she chose to make in her life!


And we spent Friday night with my family at my cousin’s wedding in Houston which was so much fun to get to spend the evening together and celebrate another wedding in the family. But I am so sad about not having Easter Sunday pictures, that is a huge deal where I come from, I still come from the mindset of Easter dresses, new shoes to go with it and taking your pictures outside the house before and after church. If you ever check out my instagram jilliegrace is my username, you will see how much I love #tbt especially old Easter pictures!




Maggie & David’s Wedding

The weekend of Easter my family was lucky enough to be able to get together and celebrate the beautiful and joyous wedding of my cousin Maggie and her husband David and it was just beautiful! The wedding was here in Houston at the Hotel Zaza with the ceremony down in the courtyard outside by the pool, which unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures of and the cocktail hour and reception were in the main ballroom and it was just gorgeous!

Maggie like always looked amazing, but especially gorgeous and her dress was spectacular and looked like it was especially made just for her, it was just perfect! I love weddings so much and getting to see all the different brides dresses and decorations, but all in all it really brings back so many sweet memories from when we planned and had our wedding. I would have to say the year we were engaged was probably one of the best years of my life, I loved every single minute of those thirteen months and I would do all over again in a heartbeat if anyone ever asked me!

Now on to the pictures….

Parker sure had himself a good time out on the dance floor during the reception



He thought it was SO FUN to clamp and yell for the wedding party and then the bride and groom when they were all introduced, it was too cute!



Maggie’s husband David has a little boy, from a previous relationship he who was the ring bearer and he was just too adorable for words.



Love Maggie’s facial expression in this picture…priceless!



The hotel and ballroom where the wedding and reception were just breathtaking, from everything to the flowers, food, centerpieces, chandeliers, dishes, lighting, art, etc… It really was all just too gorgeous for words.



Parker’s got the moves!



Enjoying their first dance as a married couple 🙂



Another one during their first dance



The cousins decided to just sit on the dance floor and play at one point it was too funny!



Loved watching Ben & Jack dance and have fun brother time!



Elise supervising Parker while he jumps around I mean dances haha.



Christopher (my brother) who was an usher in the wedding and his newish girlfriend Chelsie



All the young people doing the wobble


DSC_0535The beginning of the train dance with Maggie and David leading, this was really funny to watch!


Houston Stroll For Epilepsy 2014



This post has been a long time coming as Team Jillian has been raising money for the cure, treatments, and awareness of Epilepsy for almost a year since the last walk in 2013. I hope to write a more informative post really about Epilepsy with more details and specifics to help those reading that don’t know about the disease, especially all the current changes that have been made recently. And hopefully I can get that written in the next couple of weeks or so. And I will make sure to link that post to my facebook and twitter pages as well because I know not everyone reads here on the blog.




But before I say anything else or get to the pictures from the day of the Stroll For Epilepsy 2014 I want to give a HUGE THANK YOU to every single person who helped in any way by supporting Team Jillian financially you honestly have no idea how much you have done for so many people! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU 🙂  I wish there was something I could do besides what I have already done to show you how grateful Team Jillian is to have your support, love, help, and encouragement always behind us!


Mom & Parker enjoying zoo time during the walk



LOVE them holding hands walking together



You can definitely spot our “green family” a mile away!



LOVE our shirts…thankful for my parents for coming up with the clever and cute design for a Team Jillian tshirt.






One more time with Dad, can’t have Team Jillian without Dad!



It wouldn’t be a true Parker picture if he were standing still!



Loving playing the drums with Chief!



More drums with Chief!



Ferry ride with Chief




Mom & Christo on the ferry ride



Matt & Jenna on the ferry




Jake & I on the ferry




My parents and Parker on the ferry ride over to Galveston Island after leaving the Houston Zoo heading to the beach to celebrate Jenna’s 30th birthday!

March Update


Finally updating the blog back from February with a few pictures about our spring break trip to Abilene and back with sweet little Parker. First of all it ALWAYS SO GOOD to go home to Abilene, there are so so many things I miss about that sweet little town and oh how I wish I could just hop in the car and drive there whenever I wanted to. But I am beyond blessed at how often I get to go visit my family and sweet little girls there a couple times a year and for that I am so very grateful!


For this trip my sister and Parker’s little preschool were on their spring break but my mom had to work so it was just my sister, me, and Parker for most the week playing and meeting Chief (my dad) and Christopher for lunch everyday. We of course had to go visit Miss Terry (my dad’s office secretery) and go for golf cart rides around campus which was probably Parker’s favorite part of the entire trip even though they were pretty cold and windy, it was still pretty chilly in Abilene when we were there. We got to meet lots of new people while we were there, some police officers and other friends at Chief’s office, some teachers at Kappy’s school, some new little friends (Maggie, Claire, Elizabeth, Mason, Sawyer, & Logan).



Having fun outside Chief’s office


I love my Chief!




Fun times at the Abilene Zoo on the train with Chief.



My parents and Parker outside their house



Elizabeth and Parker watching The Jungle Book together

DSC_0484Clearly someone is goofing off here…oh my how I love and miss this silly little girl here!


February Update

Since I am up kinda late I thought I would just do a short update on what we have been up the past month of February. It was good, busy, and fast month. We celebrated our 4th Valentine’s Day as a married couple and probably like 9th or 10th Valentine’s Day since dating. We also celebrated Jake’s 26th birthday with both of our families on separate occasions. We made a few new purchases for

our new house that were definitely needed including our first lawnmower and our yard has had its first trim and pre spring grooming.

Aside from celebrating holidays and making purchases we have just been doing the usual work life thing, trying to enjoy for what it brings! But I also had the lovely opportunity to go to the Women of Faith event at Lakewood Church here in Houston with my aunt Monica and cousins Hannah & Rachel to hear Beth Moore, Priscilla Shirer, Sheila Walsh, Lisa Harper, and Christine Caine speak and hear worship from the awesome Kari Jobe. The two days were so great and I just didn’t want them to end at all, I really really needed a full weekend there! I really learned so much and will write an entire post on everything about that weekend but it was so amazing and felt so great to be there spending it with my aunt and cousins who I never seem to get to see anymore. Jake also had a friend that we went to ACU with come into town the same weekend I went downtown to this womens conference so it all worked out so perfect. And I was really so glad he got to spend some guy time with his brother and friend that he hadn’t seen in a long while. We also had long awaited tickets to the Houston Symphony music from the Mad Men Era which was so fabulous, the best show I have been to when we are talking about symphonies at least. They had some really great singers/performers from Broadway that were truly so entertaining to watch so I absolutely loved getting dressed up, heading downtown, and going back into the 50s and 60s for a couple of hours. We really love the symphony and try to get tickets to one or two shows a year.

And for the very end of the month and beginning of March we took a weekend family trip to the ranch with my parents, sister, brother in law, precious nephew and it was alot of fun. It was just a weekend full relaxing together, riding around seeing the ranch, cooking and eating and hanging out together, and heading back home Sunday afternoon. I am so thankful my uncle Brad is generous enough to let us use the ranch when it is available for our family to meet up together. But it has been a busy but fun month all in all but I’m glad March and spring time are approaching, I think it is going to be a fun one! We do have lots to look forward to including but not limited to family wedding shower, spring break trip to Abilene, family birthdays, family wedding, Easter holiday weekend, and what ever else decides to come our way.

More to come soon, and pictures next time!