Fun in San Diego



So back several months ago my sister asked me if I would be interested in going to San Diego with her, Matt, & Parker this morning. What do you really say to that? I mean I love travel almost more than anything in the world! So when someone invites to come vacation with you especially two of your very favorite people in the world there isn’t even a question in mind of whether you want to go or not. From the very first time she asked me I was 110% completely down with it!! And as it turns out it worked out so perfect that Jake received this new job at the beginning of summer and I was not too keen on being alone all summer long since he was going to be gone for so long. So the timing worked out perfect for such a wonderful vacation! Not only had I never been to California but I had always wanted to go and sometimes I still can’t believe I got to go to San Diego, California for an entire week with my sister, brother in law, and nephew. They were so enormously generous by inviting on this trip that I could never thank them enough!! Love you guys more than you will ever know 🙂DSC_8578

Nothing but a really cool sign not too far from us in San DIego. They had some really old, unique signs everywhere in San Diego…I LOVED them!


Matt & Jenna at La Jolla Beach, we drove around one day out there looking at all the amazing houses and then walked around looking at the sea lions and water and stuff. It was a really cool beach!


Jenna & I at La Jolla Beach:)


This whole time while we were driving around looking at the town and all the amazing houses Parker had fallen asleep and woke up just before leaving and was able to have his picture taken at La Jolla Beach. I know he was so thankful 🙂


The sweet Manges family 🙂 But Parker not wanting to look at the camera and smile.


Looking at all the people and the sea lions below on the rocks and in the water. He definitely having so much stuff to look at.


These sea lions have adapted to this rocky beach area and have made it their home. It is a really cool sight to see and hear!


One of our first exhibits we saw at the awesome San Diego Zoo was the Koala Bear exhibit, which was very well done and ended up being one of Parker’s favorite animals of the zoo. At the end of his trip he even got to bring home a koala bear from the zoo gift shop. They were very sleepy animals but still so cute watching them climb up their trees and snuggle and sleep and occasionally wake up to eat their euchalyptus leaves.


Taking a little break from the animals to say CHEESE for a quick picture, clearly Parker didn’t want to smile!


One of the greatest sights to see was the amazing Polar Bear exhibit the San Diego Zoo had, they had two or three polar bears in the exhibit. And we were lucky enough to get to see them do all sorts of fun tricks and also learned how smart of animals polar bears are. In this picture the polar bear was dribbling a ball underwater, it was truly amazing to watch!


Jenna & Parker in front of the pretty pink flamingo exhibit, again Parker not looking at the camera, there really was so much more to see around him.


The Manges family in front of the San Diego Zoo main entrance…perfect picture opportunity!


A sweet man with his family was nice enough to take our picture so that everyone could be in it, we were so very thankful 😉


And of course I had to get one with just me and my sweet nephew Parker LOVE him so much 🙂

Matt & Parker…Parker says HI to the camera


This was at one of the duck exhibits, he absolutely loved it! Although this spring and summer he has had a serious duck obsession so I think he would have loved duck anything.


This was HANDS DOWN my absolutely favorite part of the entire zoo! I had never seen a real Giant Panda Bear in real life and it was simply amazing. This one pictured above I believe was the mama panda bear and they also are sleepy animals but so cute and furry and soft. We learned so much about all the different animals we saw at the zoo, but I thought to be so interesting that this female panda bear only ever wants to be around a male panda bear when she is ready to breed which is only once a year.


Here is another one of the Panda bears we saw


Parker also loved the Hippopotamus and they were HUGE and came up so close to the glass!


Another break from the animals for a picture for Jenna & Parker


We also were able to go to a San Diego Padres baseball when they were playing San Francisco Giants which was so FUN! Here is a picture from outside of the baseball park while we waited for the gates to open.


Jenna & Parker at PetCo Park


It was an absolutely perfect night for a  baseball game, amazing weather and we had awesome seats!


A view from the other side of the field


And a certain someone here was EXTRA happy about watching ball-ball as he calls it. He was smiling, clapping, and cheering throughout the whole game, it was making everyone around excited haha! He definitely made the game even more fun!


I just LOVE the expression on his face in this picture 🙂


Too adorable for words 🙂


I had really forgotten how much fun going to baseball games are since it had been forever since I had been to one!



The sweet little family at the baseball game


At the New Children’s Museum in San Diego just playing and playing. This museum was different, Parker had fun playing, and it was definitely creative and intriguing to see what kind of projects they did to work with the children’s art and creativity. But it was unlike any children’s museum we had ever been to. It was very green, recycle, reusing things to make art, but the whole museum reflected the feel of the city of San Diego which was really neat to see that put into a museum. But there also wasn’t a ton for his age of kids to do at the museum but he still had a fun time playing.


This place had all kinds of neat, colorful things hanging from the ceiling that were so interesting and intriguing to Parker.


Parker & I playing on the drums which he really LOVED!


Beating on those drums!!


Jenna & Parker playing the drums together…I think this picture is so cute with their faces so close together and both of them smiling!


This was one thing that he did love, they had this big maze painted all different colors and with all kinds of graffiti writing all over it. And he had himself a ball crawling and running through it mainly away from us haha, but when we finally would catch him he would just crack up laughing and it was too cute!


LOVE this one!!


Building blocks was another fun part of the museum, although his favorite part was knocking down the tower after we had built them!


Here we are at the Pacific Beach on Coronado Island to be exact. I absolutely loved the Pacific Ocean and was utterly amazed at how much beach the pacific still has, its still so long, vast even before your toes hit the water.


Parker LOVED the sand, This sand was different than our beaches here. But he just melted in the sand and laid down and played in it.


Standing in front of the villas at Coronado Island which were so so beautiful in person if you can’t tell from the picture. I would definitely love to go back there and stay here!

LOVE this picture of my sweet little Parker and me


Playing in the sand


And here is the beautiful Pacific Ocean…I can now say I have put my feet in the Pacific, Atlantic, & Gulf coasts.

Jenna & Parker putting their feet in the Pacific Ocean


The Manges family playing in the water 🙂


No smile from Parker but he really was having a blast playing in the sand and the water.


Clearly distracted by the sand but love our little boy so much!


Another view of the villas at Coronado Island


As we left Coronado Island that night here are some pictures of the lights over the island.



Red River Shootout

Today is a big Saturday in our house along with trying to get packed and everything ready around here since we are leaving for Abilene on Monday to take Emmitt to my parents and leaving for Boston on Tuesday from DFW. But along with everything we have to do to get ready today is a big day in football for our house with Red River Shootout from Cowboy Stadium and a big SEC game this afternoon of LSU Tigers vs. Florida Gators in Death Valley. As we get into the Texas/OU game I realize it is going to be a fight, but we are playing some great defense, especially for such a young team of almost all freshman. Right now Oklahoma is ranked #3 while Texas is #11 so it is a big game for either team, but so far each team is really playing well, I am really feeling an upset hoping that Texas wins, but we will see how it all plays out!

The top picture OU vs. Texas I love because you can vividly see all the burnt orange and maroon in the whole stadium and I LOVE IT!

Here they are ready to play… LSU Tigers vs. Florida Gators, LSU is ranked #1 right now, while Florida is ranked #17, both teams bringing something challenging to the table, but LSU is downright amazing if you ask me. While Florida has got some great speed so we will see what happens, they are playing in Death Valley so who knows what will happen!

MLB Playoffs- GO YANKEES!!!

Is there anything better than MLB Playoffs and the World Series? I think not…I know there are so many people out there who hate baseball and feel like it is the most boring sport ever, not sure how you can think that considering the boring sport of golf! But I also know that some people are just football people, which I totally understand, I love both sports, but cannot see past the true american sport of baseball, the history, how classy the sport and athletes are, the excitement that it brings I can assure you nothing in the world can top it! I could go on and on and on about how special this sport is but I will spare you as that would be a never ending post.
As most of you already know I have true love for New York pretty much anything and everything about it, but have LOVED The New York Yankees for a long time now and there is nothing better to see them in the playoffs, nothing at all! For the 2011-2012 season the Yankees had a great season their regular season record was 97-65, they also clinched their division series. In my opinion the best part of the season has been was Derek Jeter our Yankee captain and veteran who also plays shortstop hit his record of 3,000 hits in his baseball career which made him the 28th member of 3,000 hits club, I will never forget watching that on tv! Also Mariano Rivera who this season who claimed the all-time saves lead of 603 career saves, he is one amazing pitcher! So after we were able to clinch our division in the series against the Tampa Bay Rays we went on to the ALDS against the Detroit Tigers. We started out the series against the Detroit Tigers in New York winning the game 1 9-3, then losing game 2 5-3, then losing game 3 in Detroit 4-5, then winning in Detroit 10-1 which is forcing a rare 5th game in the series in New York since we have home field advantage from clinching our division. So as a recap THE YANKEES ARE STILL ALIVE, but obviously whoever wins tomorrow night in the Bronx takes it all and goes ahead to the ALCS and plays the Texas Rangers, which by the way we DO NOT WANT THEM TO WIN!!!
The starting pitchers for tomorrow night in game 5 is going to be Ivan Nova vs. Detroit’s D. Fister I am really looking forward to the game tomorrow night in New York although I will be in Texas haha! I am definitely wishing Ivan Nova luck and all the rest of the team but I fully believe that my Yankees can get a win out of game 5 at the Bronx and go on to the ALCS to play against the Rangers, so anyone and everyone reading this CHEER ON THOSE YANKEES!!!! 🙂

Looking forward to big games and family time this weekend

Well it’s the weekend so you know that means football so here are my weekly football pictures of who we are cheering on for this weekend. We do have a couple of big games this weekend so we are definitely looking forward to that! First we have Texas playing Iowa State tomorrow, hook em’ horns; then Arkansas and Texas A&M are playing each other which is a pretty big game since it has just been announced that A&M has been officially accepted to the SEC Conference for next football season. And of course the biggest game of the weekend being Florida Gators vs. Alabama, Jake has told  me a couple of different times how he feels nervous for the football game so we will see what happens! And then of course we have LSU playing Kentucky which really isn’t a big game at all, but Jordan Jefferson is being put back in the game so we will see. Although our weekend is going to be pretty busy since Jake is working all weekend, my mom is coming into town for my sister’s two baby showers that are both this weekend so our weekend will probably be filled with lots of family time, and excitement as we look forward to seeing all the precious baby gear for sweet baby Manges! There will definitely be ALOT more pictures to edit and download and blog next week probably since there are two baby showers to document, loving the fun family events though, YAY!

Long week…another weekend of fun, football, & hanging out ahead.

After such a long week for Jake & I, it is finally FRIDAY and time to celebrate the weekend and its events, which for us always mean our big college football games, Sunday NFL Football, & to continue following the MLB Almost Post-season, obviously following our beloved New York Yankees. If you haven’t been able to tell quite yet, we LOVE our sports. When we got married I was starting to get Jake drawn into baseball because he never watched it or was into it growing up and such. And since I personally feel like no one should miss out on the love that is the game of baseball, there is just nothing like a good, exciting baseball game, home runs are such a special moment. But since we both grew up LOVING football there was no explaining that sport necessary, although I was always more of an NFL fan than college growing up, but being married to Jake has really kinda drifted me the complete other way, so it has been really interesting. One game we had on Thursday night that was a little weird since it wasn’t on Saturday afternoon or night was LSU and thankfully they won, so the LSU Tigers now stand at 3-0! Our Texas Longhorns had kinda a rough game last week, ended up taking out there quarterback and replacing him with Case McCoy (a.k.a. Colt’s younger brother), Case did a great job and we came out with a win. So this week we are hoping to play even better with an even better win, this week we play UCLA Bruins which last year didn’t go so well, but this year IS A DIFFERENT STORY! And tomorrow afternoon Jake’s beloved Florida Gators are playing Tennessee which should be a good game, we are both looking forward to watching it, he will have to record it since he has to work until 8 tomorrow 😦 And then our last really big to watch tomorrow which thankfully isn’t until 8 so we will get to watch it together is the big Florida State vs. Oklahoma University(who is #1). It is going to be one great game to watch because neither of us like either of those teams, but we will both be cheering for different teams because of the ranking advantages, so we shall see what happens!
Other than sports, Jake has been working alot this week since he had a three day management training plus his regular work schedule after his training was over on Wednesday evening. I haven’t been that busy really, just trying to get everything taken care of here at home before October rolls around and we leave for our trip, which we are OH SO EXCITED about! Since I have so much spare time on my hands at home I have been trying to get all the closets and cabinets all organized before the holidays roll around since I am planning breaking out all of my fall decorations and working on some really cute fall stuff for the house when we get back from the trip and I want to make sure everything is organized and easy to find. And I am already at the point of counting down the days till our amazing vacation we have waited so long for, its almost to the point of where I sit around wishing that September would just be over already, so I think I am WAY PAST excited!

Great Start to The Weekend

Last night since Jake got off work early we were able to get our weekend started off early in a fun way by getting to have dinner with my sister and brother in law at their house. It was our first time to have dinner with it just being the four of us, but needless to say it was a delicious meal that my sister cooked, a wonderful herb roasted pork roast, roasted red potatoes, fresh green beans, and a yummy green salad. They showed us the sweet baby’s room which we both loved, all they have left to do is hang wall decor stuff up and get the bed from my mom in a few weeks when she comes from the two showers and get that all set up in the room and also a chair/glider that they ordered from a baby furniture store here in Houston that will be here in October and it will be ready for a sweet baby!! We are  really starting to get more and more excited by the day for this nephew or niece of ours, I really feel like it is a boy and have just felt like that all along, but I guess we will see! 
Another fun part of our weekend that is such an exciting part of every Saturday for us is College Football, it is so fun for us to get into each other’s teams together and see what kind of good games happen each week, WE LOVE FOOTBALL!! I took the liberty of putting up a few pictures of our top three teams that we cheer on every Saturday no matter what since I really didn’t have any other pictures to put up on here today! But anyways we will see how this Saturday of College Football unfolds for our household, I am really hoping for an exciting one, those really make for the best games!! Best luck to your teams and hopefully it is a fun Saturday and weekend for your family no matter if your teams win or lose! HAPPY SATURDAY 🙂

Garrett Gilbert -Quarterback- University of Texas Longhorns #7



We love Les Miles and Jordan Jefferson and love to cheer on the LSU Tigers!!