Happy Summer!

Although not in school anymore or having a full time outside of the house job summer feels very different. But nonetheless it is still an exciting and wonderful time of the year with so many things to enjoy! I always look forward to a change of the seasons even though it is already good and hot here, this week we have been in the 90 temperatures already. I can only imagine what July & August will feel like, but that is what living in the south during the summer time is all about! I’ve done it all my life so what is another summer ha!?


Here are a few things that I have been PINspired by lately for this summer:

cute comfortable dresses

LOVE these cute and super comfy summer dresses…great for all the hot days!

coral wedges

Great color combination wedges, would definitely match alot in my closet, hopefully I can find something like it!

colored denim shorts

I love all colored denim, shorts, jeans, or capri pants…these colored denim shorts would be great for casual summer days with a cute t-shirt.

maxi skirts

Loving these solid maxi skirts for casual or dressier occasions

monogram pocket tee

Can’t get enough of monogramming clothes and would love to have a few t-shirts monogrammed for the summer like this

white beach dress

LOVE this light, flowy white dress…it would definitely be beautiful for beach pictures this summer.

vintage sunglasses

LOVE anything inspired by the 1960s & 1970s and can’t get enough of these vintage 1960s sunglasses for the summer!

stripe maxi dress


These striped, ย cotton maxi dresses are the best for any occasion especially for hot summer days, with it being flowy it helps keep you much cooler in the crazy Texas heat!



Happy 25th Birthday Jake!!

We spent our weekend celebrating Jake and actually the celebrations are still being continued because he is just THAT AWESOME! ย We started off the weekend with Jake’s mom coming in for the weekend at the last minute. So we started out on Saturday afternoon by meeting up with some friends at Hermann Park and playing croquet and just hanging out then going to eat at Theo’s in the Montrose area of Houston and then headed for dessert at Amy’s Ice Cream which was so delicious! ย Since Jake’s actual birthday was on Sunday we decided to skip church since we were planning to spend the day celebrating and do some furniture shopping as well. So we headed for a great breakfast at Dry Creek Cafe in the Heights area of Houston, we had never to this restaurant, but it was recommended from a friend and it definitely did not disappoint. I would say we will definitely be visiting there sometime again, not only was it delicious, but it was also such a local and unique place.


The rest of our Sunday was spent furniture shopping for a new sofa all day long, at pretty much every furniture store we found or knew of in the Houston area. We definitely found out we are rather picky when it comes to our own style, house, comfort, color, and everything so that really narrowed it down to what we saw that we actually liked. Luckily we found THE SOFA for us at the very last store we stopped at, Star Furniture. Although it took us about an hour or two to go through the entire store trying out sofas and critiquing each one, it did finally work out for the best. After finally leaving the furniture store we went out for dinner for the birthday boy at Outback Steakhouse where they gave us a special birthday dessert. Then we headed to relax for a bit, play a game of scrabble, and enjoy some cookies and hot tea. Not to mention that we rented a carpet shampooer and cleaned all the carpets in the house Sunday night to have everything as clean as possible before the new sofa arrived. Since Jake was off from work on Monday we spent the morning and afternoon renting a uhaul, picking up the new couch, unloading the new couch at our house, returning the uhaul, and heading to lunch before Jake’s mom left to go back home.


After Jake’s mom left Jake & I finished cleaning the rugs and carpets and got everything in the living room set back up with the new sofa. In the meantime we had listed our old sofa on Craigslist and Marketplace through our church. In a matter of about an hour we had a call from a lady at church who saw our posting for our old sofa and wanted to buy it and she was here to pick it up within 45 minutes. It was so meant to be that we bought a new sofa and sold the new one basically on the same day. Not to mention the fact that we found out that we were helping out a local single mom who needed a new sofa but didn’t have the funds to buy one, which really made it us feel good to know that we were helping her out instead of it going to some random person on Craigslist.


I didn’t really take a ton of pictures this weekend but there were a few from my Iphone, so enjoy!


Happy Birthday to the sweetest guy I know!!

Happy Birthday to the sweetest guy I know!!


Our gorgeous new sofa!

Our gorgeous new sofa!

Some Fall Favorites Of Mine

As fall is approaching I have found so many quite ways to decorate the house for fall and some adorable items for my closet and I just wanted to post a few! And as you look at these pictures remember they are all from Pinterest so anyone can go find and pin them, just wanted to state these are not my pictures or my original ideas, I give Pinterest (the greatest website EVER) and whoever originally posted it all the credit. Since living in the Houston area doesn’t give us such great seasonal opportunities I take what I can get when it comes to cooler temperatures and getting to wear things other than tank tops/short sleeves, shorts, and flip flops. I absolutely love cool weather and really prefer the fashion of fall and winter as opposed to summer. I know I live in the completely wrong city for relying on a change in seasons so any chance I always take what I can get for temperatures below 90!

Since I am still adjusting to being bored at home due to no working or driving I think it is about time I start to get some supplies for some fall projects around the house. Here are a few cute fall projects I had in mind to get started on. The rest of the pictures are of cute fall fashion items I hope to find, hope you enjoy!Image


Cute way of decorating regular white or orange pumpkins and making them unique…plus I love anything chevron print!



Another way to make pumpkins unique…paint or use fabric or scrapbook paper for initials on a pumpkin, LOVE initials!


Again super easy…this one might be a little more messy than the others, but still cute! You could use real or fake pumpkins, of course using fake ones you would be able to use year after year which works better in my opinion. And you could either buy glitter spray paint or go the other way and use spray adhesive and then roll it in glitter. Either way I think they look so pretty!


I love this orange jacket for fall, not to mention it is the PERFECT Longhorn jacket that of course just adds to the cuteness!


LOVE these fabulous glitter boots for fall…I do believe I should own these, they are too fabulous!!


This is a great fall outfit for the beginning of Fall in Houston when the temperatures haven’t really set in permanently at least. I love the mustard yellow color for fall fashion, it is definitely one of my favorite colors to wear. And I have a thing about pleated clothing, whether it is in shirts, skirts, or dresses I just love itImage

There is really nothing I don’t love about this top…I could wear it with jeans or leggings, it really just screams fall to me. And again just another reason to be in love with it is it would be a perfect Longhorn football top for game day.

Well thats about it for now, until next time HAPPY FALL ๐Ÿ™‚

Christmas Shopping

If you know me at all you should know that all year long I look forward to two times of the year more than anything! Those two times of the year would be the month of October for many different reasons being the beginning of fall and cooler weather, the 22nd of this month since it is my birthday, I love birthdays, the start of baseball playoffs which I love, and for me it is the start of all the holiday fun! With all that being said this month I am already feeling the holiday love that I look forward to and adore so much! In fact I have actually already started my Christmas planning and shopping which always make me feel good. Even though this has been a very trying and difficult year nothing has and will change my joy of loving to celebrate the seasons and holidays and getting to celebrate another wonderful year of life!

That is what brings me to one of my favorite things at this time of the year, which is Christmas Shopping! I know there are so many people out there that truly despise Christmas, shopping, and everything that goes along with it, and then there are the people that don’t even do gifts for their families at all, but it is a true LOVE of mine to give through gifts of all kinds to my family and friends, I just love it!! And I can honestly say that I put all my time, effort, and thoughts, and creativity into what I give at Christmas time and I wouldn’t have it any other way. But I won’t lie the way I choose to do my Christmas shopping for my friends and family does make it more difficult than just going to the mall or getting online and ordering whatever is on their list or just simply purchasing a gift card to their favorite store to shop at. But watching them open the gift I took my time and energy to make and truly think about how much they mean to me, I can promise nothing brings greater joy! So this year I have gotten some really great ideas for everyone on my list, I am no where near finished, but I definitely have a great start since we are barely into the month of October. There are still some holes in my shopping list that need to be filled but I have no doubt by Thanksgiving I will have gotten some great ideas. And what is even more exciting about this Christmas 2011 is that we have another little special family member to buy for and be creative with, sweet little baby Manges, I truly cannot wait to meet that sweet little Christmas miracle! But without a doubt the ones that are always the hardest to figure what their Christmas gift will be are the adults, mostly the men, dads & brothers haha!

I am so excited about decorating our apartment this year it really has great potential to be a true Christmas Wonderland and I cannot wait to make that happen, definitely my favorite part of the season. And since moving to Houston I am very excited about all the different Christmas stuff to do around here, I am hoping to go see The Nutcracker Ballet at the Houston Ballet, maybe driving Kemah for the lighting of the island and the events they have for Christmas, and hopefully more Christmas stuff that comes up around the area which is definitely something I love about living in the big city!

So since the last time I posted so much has happened, but at the same time it hasn’t been all that exciting, just same ole’ same ole’. But the main exciting things that have been going are:

1. finding THE wedding dress

2. Jake getting an awesome new job

3. and completely changing the wedding plans (for the good)

With the whole dress thing I did get the chance to get to stay with mom at a very nice hotel while she was at a week long conference for school in dallas, texas. I got to lay by the pool and have room service delivered. The most exciting part of the trip was getting to go wedding dress shopping at night when she was done with school, I loved doing that! But after trying on a total of like 40-50 wedding dress I finally found the ONE!!! And yes it does feel as great as everyone always says it does when you finally find your dress! I have not ordered it yet, we are actually leaving tomorrow to head down to waco on our way to houston to get fitted and order the dress at the same place my sister got her wedding dress at because we found it for a great price there! I can’t wait to try it on again!

But another big thing that has happened since you last heard from me on here is that Jake got an awesome new job working as one of the lead sales consultants at Sprint. It is such a good job for him to have right with us getting married in almost 7 months. It comes with great benefits, like all the insurance and the greatest part to me is we both will have free phone plans, so as long as he is working there we won’t have a single cell phone bill to pay. He leaves this coming monday for a 2 week training period in Lubbock, unfortunately not the greatest place on earth, but oh well! When he comes back from his 2 week training he will go straight to working at his new job! I’m so proud of him!! ๐Ÿ™‚

And now for all the wedding planning updates, since finding the wedding dress, that completely changed everything obviously for the better, but i’m so glad it happened the way it has! So now that I have found the dress the wedding plans, theme of the wedding, and all the decorations are much more modern than they were before the dress was found! For instance, I have kinda narrowed it down to two different kinds of flowers for my bouquet and the bridesmaids bouquet, all depending on how each flower holds up. And for all the centerpieces on all the tables at the reception I have narrowed it down to using belles of ireland with another flower for the tall arrangements. Then for the smaller ones on the tables using reindeer moss in vases with a flower on top of it. I have seen this done and it is a really cool, modern look that you don’t usually see alot of. Another thing that has changed because of finding the dress is the wedding cake, the one I found after having all these changes since the dress, is absolutely beautiful. My mom is actually going to do a test one since she will be the one doing the cakes! More research is still going on and there are still plenty of decisions to be made. If you have seen any cute, creative ideas for save the dates let me know since we are also changing those, we are trying to figure what we are going to do for that!

Anyways thats probably it for now, hopefully I’ll be better about posting more frequently. ๐Ÿ™‚