2014 goals

I’m going to try to keep my goals simple this year so I don’t overwhelm myself, but I also don’t want to limit myself to one thing, I like to be reminded of other goals so I can keep myself in check in lots of different areas of life.

Here are my Top 10 goals for this new year:

1. Get in shape/lose weight-while this is a constant goal of mine every year, it is a continuous goal and goes along with get my Diabetes under control. I let things go during the holidays and my blood sugar is now way out of control and changing my diet and getting back in shape will get that under control so this is something that must happen.

2.Read more- I want to read at least one book per month. Once I finish the book I am currently reading I have a list of ones that I want to start during this new year and then will continue looking for more to read. It is amazing how much I have learned to read through the past several years.

3.Try one new recipe every week from one of my many cookbooks, pinterest, blogs, or friends. I get really tired of eating some of the same food so I am making this a goal so that some of these new recipes will get put into the regular rotation in our kitchen.

4.Practice more acts of kindness, encouragement, and appreciation on a more regular basis. I notice when you do the slightest act of kindness it can make the biggest effect on the person during the day, such as writing a short, sweet note or giving a simple compliment. I want to do my best this year to show people in my life or strangers for that matter simple acts of kindness, encouragement, and appreciation.

5.Be in God’s word more often- While some might put this in the same category as reading, this is an entirely different goal for me. I would love to read through the bible in a year, but my goal is just going to be to have daily devotionals deep in God’s word because I have discovered you can never truly hear God’s voice and what he wants you to do in your life unless you are really in His word.

6.Be more connected with God-Along with reading God’s word, being connected to God through my relationship with him is something I really want to work on. There are so many tools we have that can strengthen our relationship with God, but we take advantage of them and I want to totally change that this year. The top two being reading and being in God’s word and powerfully praying consistently and constantly.

7.Learn to sew- I got a sewing machine last year for my birthday and I have yet to really learn how to use it and sew. I really want to but find myself being a little intimidated by the sewing because I’ve really never used one. But this is my goal this year because there is so much cute, crafty stuff that I want to be able to make and start selling.

8.Start selling my stuff on Etsy-I recently started an Etsy shop online to try and sell some of the different things that I make for different occasions. I want to broaden my selection in what I am making, but really want to try to sell what I enjoy making so much.

9.Decorate our new house-We just moved into our first house almost two months ago and we are still in the process of putting our stamp on it and making it feel like our own. So one of my goals throughout this year is to decorate our house with our style and to really make it feel like our own.

10.TRAVEL, TRAVEL, TRAVEL-We are hoping to take a fabulous holiday vacation next Christmas or New Year’s to the east coast. And we are already in the process of planning our summer vacation with my immediate family to the beach. Traveling whether far or near is always always a big goal in our lives, we love to get out and see the world that was created for us.

Happy 2014, we are excited for this year and what it will hold! I know there will be lots of fun planned and I cannot wait to make a dent in these goals/resolutions! ๐Ÿ™‚


Some Fall Favorites Of Mine

As fall is approaching I have found so many quite ways to decorate the house for fall and some adorable items for my closet and I just wanted to post a few! And as you look at these pictures remember they are all from Pinterest so anyone can go find and pin them, just wanted to state these are not my pictures or my original ideas, I give Pinterest (the greatest website EVER) and whoever originally posted it all the credit. Since living in the Houston area doesn’t give us such great seasonal opportunities I take what I can get when it comes to cooler temperatures and getting to wear things other than tank tops/short sleeves, shorts, and flip flops. I absolutely love cool weather and really prefer the fashion of fall and winter as opposed to summer. I know I live in the completely wrong city for relying on a change in seasons so any chance I always take what I can get for temperatures below 90!

Since I am still adjusting to being bored at home due to no working or driving I think it is about time I start to get some supplies for some fall projects around the house. Here are a few cute fall projects I had in mind to get started on. The rest of the pictures are of cute fall fashion items I hope to find, hope you enjoy!Image


Cute way of decorating regular white or orange pumpkins and making them unique…plus I love anything chevron print!



Another way to make pumpkins unique…paint or use fabric or scrapbook paper for initials on a pumpkin, LOVE initials!


Again super easy…this one might be a little more messy than the others, but still cute! You could use real or fake pumpkins, of course using fake ones you would be able to use year after year which works better in my opinion. And you could either buy glitter spray paint or go the other way and use spray adhesive and then roll it in glitter. Either way I think they look so pretty!


I love this orange jacket for fall, not to mention it is the PERFECT Longhorn jacket that of course just adds to the cuteness!


LOVE these fabulous glitter boots for fall…I do believe I should own these, they are too fabulous!!


This is a great fall outfit for the beginning of Fall in Houston when the temperatures haven’t really set in permanently at least. I love the mustard yellow color for fall fashion, it is definitely one of my favorite colors to wear. And I have a thing about pleated clothing, whether it is in shirts, skirts, or dresses I just love itImage

There is really nothing I don’t love about this top…I could wear it with jeans or leggings, it really just screams fall to me. And again just another reason to be in love with it is it would be a perfect Longhorn football top for game day.

Well thats about it for now, until next time HAPPY FALL ๐Ÿ™‚

Plush Pumpkins

Well it is definitely that time of the year again and I LOVE IT! Luckily we just got a great cool front that makes it really feel like fall is here and all it makes you want to do is put cute pumpkins everywhere around your house for fall decor and make lots of yummy fall treats. I just thought all these different colored plush pumpkins were too precious not to blog about, I just can’t help myself but be over the moon excited that fall is here and all the holidays are upon us, starting with fall then Halloween then Thanksgiving and then I can break out my favorite decor of all! Anyways I found these adorable plush pumpkin pictures on one of my favorite home decor blogs that I read daily, www.theinspiredroom.net, ya’ll should definitely check it out! I get so many great ideas for decorating my house, all different rooms, all different themes for all different seasons of the year, such creative stuff, I just think it is great! But right now they are doing a special called “31 days inspired for the holidays 2011” where they do a different special everyday that is inspired by the holidays and there are always such cute ideas!

Loving all the different colors of pumpkins

love the green pumpkin and silver bowl it is being displayed in on this side table

My favorite one of all, the blue, turquoise, and white pumpkins, so different and unique.

But I still love the traditional colored pumpkins, they never get old, orange, white, brown just looks like fall and love how they are displayed.

What have we been up to lately…besides watching football?

What have we been up to lately? Aside from loving having our football back, we are ready for fall to arrive, especially the weather! We have had several nice weather days where it didn’t reach 90, stayed in the 80s, then we had some where it stayed in the low 90s, but we know our fall weather will arrive one of these days! I know in just three weeks we are going to get our serious, glorious, wonderful, and very much needed fix of fall weather and new scenery and we CANNOT WAIT! I know I say something along those lines about how much we are looking forward to this vacation, but I don’t think anyone but the two of us can safely understand how deeply we need this trip after this year and especially this summer! But other than that, Jake has been working quite a bit, he just got finished with part one of his management training this week and seemed to really enjoy himself, he really learned alot! One of the many things that I totally admire about Jake and his personality that I so plan on passing on to our children is how to always press on, keep looking for somewhere to upgrade yourself no matter whether its in furthering yourself in the company you work, at church, friendships, being creative, losing weight and being healthy, the options are pretty much endless. Anyways that is one of Jake’s biggest qualities that I love and admire!
We have also had dinner with my sister and brother in law twice in the last week which has been really nice to see them more often since we live so close, I feel like that is kinda the point haha! I am really starting to get REALLY excited about this sweet little baby nephew or niece coming in December, only a couple more months! I started having dreams about “him” the other night and he is might cute, OH how I would LOVE to spend my days with him, my world would literally explode with happiness, I just don’t think anyone really knows haha. My sister is having both of her baby showers in the next couple weeks, one that her church here is giving her and the other that all my aunts are giving here and I cannot wait to get my hands on all that precious baby gear! I have also really been brainstorming baby central here lately, wish I could share all of my ideas and plans for when the little one arrives but that would give it all away and you know I have to be a little secretive!! ๐Ÿ™‚ AUNT GIGI LOVES YOU ๐Ÿ™‚
So once we get back from our trip I plan on really breaking out the fall decor and picking out some pumpkins at either a pumpkin patch or I suppose I could settle for Target haha. I have been brainstorming lots of cute fall decor ideas for the house lately because I am so ready for a good season change and for the holidays to get here. But I added a few pictures below of a few fall projects I plan on working on when we get back from our trip and one that is already in the process of being made since it doesn’t involve pumpkins.

Cuteย baby pumpkins covered with your choice of scrapbooking fall paper and easily glued with modge podgeย or spray adhesive.

More baby orange pumpkins in the bottom of a clear vase with curly coming out of the top

Regular orange pumpkin with a initial made of your choice of scrapbook paper, glued with modge podge or spray adhesive.

LOVE these…in the process of making mine right now, hoping to make it a little larger than these, it is going to be orange like the one here on the left with cream mixed in and will also have some cute embellishments on the outside. I will make sure I post a picture of the finished product, I can’t wait to see how it turns out. It is just either a straw wreath form wrapped in plastic(plastic left on) or styrofoam wreath foam, your color choice of yarn, whatever embellishments you like, ribbon to hang it from, and a little hot glue to make sure everything secure.

Just a simple orange pumpkin with your choice of ribbon to decorate it with and any other embellishments you like.