Houston Stroll For Epilepsy 2014



This post has been a long time coming as Team Jillian has been raising money for the cure, treatments, and awareness of Epilepsy for almost a year since the last walk in 2013. I hope to write a more informative post really about Epilepsy with more details and specifics to help those reading that don’t know about the disease, especially all the current changes that have been made recently. And hopefully I can get that written in the next couple of weeks or so. And I will make sure to link that post to my facebook and twitter pages as well because I know not everyone reads here on the blog.




But before I say anything else or get to the pictures from the day of the Stroll For Epilepsy 2014 I want to give a HUGE THANK YOU to every single person who helped in any way by supporting Team Jillian financially you honestly have no idea how much you have done for so many people! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU ๐Ÿ™‚ ย I wish there was something I could do besides what I have already done to show you how grateful Team Jillian is to have your support, love, help, and encouragement always behind us!


Mom & Parker enjoying zoo time during the walk



LOVE them holding hands walking together



You can definitely spot our “green family” a mile away!



LOVE our shirts…thankful for my parents for coming up with the clever and cute design for a Team Jillian tshirt.






One more time with Dad, can’t have Team Jillian without Dad!



It wouldn’t be a true Parker picture if he were standing still!



Loving playing the drums with Chief!



More drums with Chief!



Ferry ride with Chief




Mom & Christo on the ferry ride



Matt & Jenna on the ferry




Jake & I on the ferry




My parents and Parker on the ferry ride over to Galveston Island after leaving the Houston Zoo heading to the beach to celebrate Jenna’s 30th birthday!


Epilepsy Walk 2014

Last year was the first year we have donated, walked, and took part in the annual Walk For The Epilepsy and I’m proud to say with the help of ALL of our wonderful family and friends we raised $525.00! We are doing our very best this year to raise money and participate even more in the Annual Houston Stroll For Epilepsy. We are trying to change things up a bit this year and designing our own t shirts to wear on the day of the walk, while I’m also raising the amount of our goal donation to $1,000.00! ย The Epilepsy Foundation of Texas has Epilepsy Walks all over the state during the spring so PLEASE think about participating and/or donating to find a cure for Epilepsy and seizures. Here is our family picture or TEAM JILLIAN picture from last year at the Houston Zoo right before the walk began.IMG_0434Here is the link to my Team Jillian fundraising webpage where you can go online to donate or read more about participating in any of the walks for Epilepsy: ย http://eftx.donordrive.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=donorDrive.participant&participantID=19110


Christmas 2013

I hope everyone had a very merry Christmas and Happy New Year and that 2014 has gotten off to a fantastic start! This is a picture from our church small group Christmas party we had at our house about a month ago. Here we all are holding our crazy white elephant gifts, we had alot of fun exchanging and just hanging out and enjoying Christmas goodies! But that was our only Christmas event since Jake’s company had their Christmas party as a day luncheon instead of a dinner party. And before we knew it we were rushing around trying to finish ordering and buying all our Christmas gifts for our families. Then the family was here and it was time to celebrate! This year we had Jake’s family here for Christmas, we did Christmas Eve dinner with them at our house. I made Pioneer Women’s white chicken enchiladas which were fabulous, we had Lupe Tortilla’s Tamales, rice & beans, I love mexican food on Christmas probably because that is what I grew up having on Christmas Eve. Then we had homemade hot apple cider and went out and looked out at Christmas lights in the car. And for Christmas Day we spent the morning and had breakfast with my family over at my sister’s house and enjoyed watching our sweet nephew Parker open his presents from Santa Clause and everyone else and all exchanged gifts with each other. Jake & I got some really neat stuff, tools, socks, hats, Home Depot gift cards, a few magazine subscriptions, candy, and some other gadgets for Jake. As for me scarves, jewelry, new panties, a job haha (my parents will be paying me to clean my sister’s house, which was also a Christmas gift from my parent’s to my sister). I also got a magazine subscription, some new socks, some candy, new hair ties, new make up.

And the rest of the morning we just spent the time hanging out before leaving to head back to our house to do Christmas Day with Jake’s family. We did all our presents and got some great gifts and then Jake cooked an awesome late Christmas lunch of ham, green beans, roasted potatoes, sweet potatoes, and rolls. Jake ended up getting exactly what he wanted despite the difficult effort behind it, he got the game he wanted along with his PS4 system and some other small goodies along with quite a few movies. While I got some pretty awesome stuff I have been wanting such as a white waffle knit robe with my initials monogrammed on the front, the Coldplay Mylo Xylto live dvd, lots of new make up, a new purse, a few new clothes, a few scarves, a new devotional book, a new wallet, a new watch, more new jewelry, new nail polish, a whole new set of make brushes, new knobs for my vanity, and best of all Jake recovered an old hotel vanity stool with some cute fabric to go along with my vanity he was refinishing for me to match our bedroom. I will share pictures of all our favorite gifts soon and especially the refinished vanity and stool that are all done and beautiful, they look fabulous in our room!

This Christmas was really a different kind of holiday for me with not spending all of Christmas Day with my grandparents, all my aunts, and cousins and such for the first time in 27 years but I survived and am just so grateful to everyone that I was able to see both sides of our family on Christmas Day. And as far as the rest of the holiday time, we spent some time with some friends that we don’t ever get to see that live in Houston since everyone was on the holiday break. And also did some organizing and cleaning kind of stuff around the house before New Year’s time came which felt so good. I sure do LOVE a good clean and organized house!

The one debbie downer to our Christmas break was how increibely sick our sweet little Boston Terrier, Emmitt got on Christmas Day and was down for about a week. He started getting sick on Christmas Day sometime just not looking like himself and yelping in pain when anyone would touch him or try and pick him up, especially if you held him near or by his stomach. At that point we had absolutely no idea what could be wrong, we thought he ate something outside and honestly just thought he would be fine the next day or something. But as everyone was leaving that night he started to look worse in the face and his stomach area was getting very bloated and he began to breathe heavily and that was we began to worry more and decided to keep a really close eye on him. And throughout that night and early morning he threw up about 6-7 times and I couldn’t have felt more sorry for him, you could just tell how bad he felt by looking in his sweet eyes. And all this throwing up continued throughout the week, his first day of not throwing up was on Sunday, but he didn’t start eating his dog food until yesterday, which was exactly a week since Christmas Day. We don’t know what he got, but it clearly compromised his poor little system, we really think it was some kind of stomach bug because nothing he ate outside or inside would have made him that sick especially with the fact that he went days without eating so there would have been nothing for him to throw up which really makes me think it was some kind of stomach bug. We are just SO GLAD he is finally feeling better and acting like himself. And I for one was getting really tired of cleaning up throw up and washing all of his blankets and everything, but luckily nothing got ruined in the process.

Up next New Year’s post!

April Abilene Trip

The month of April has really been a whirlwind for us, I honestly cannot believe that we are already into the month of May!! ย Along with celebrating my dad & sister’s birthdays in the beginning of April we had a few other big things in April. First, going and supporting the Walk for Epilepsy at the Houston Zoo which was very meaningful to be a part of and fun at the same time. I decided about a year ago that this was something I wanted to be a part of and formed a team and raised money to support the research to help find a cure for Epilepsy. It was a early. but fun day with my family having them all come down to be a part of this with me knowing they support me in this good cause. Since it was at the zoo we had a fun family day enjoying all the animals together, the only one missing was Christopher (my brother). I was amazed at the amount of teams that were there and had formed teams together. But more than that I was amazed, thankful, and shocked at how much money me & my team were able to raise just through the help of our own close friends and family. I raised exactly $525.00 while the entire event raised $263, 264 and that total isn’t including the other Epilepsy walks in Dallas, Fort Worth, El Paso, Amarillo, or Midland/Odessa. It was a great walk and something I am planning to make a yearly tradition and hoping to raise even more next year and to form an even bigger team to walk with!ย 



The 2013 Walk for Epilepsy team at the Houston Zoo!

The 2013 Walk for Epilepsy team at the Houston Zoo!


The following week I was in Abilene staying with my parents and helping my favorite little family, The Trammells while Sara was out of town on business. I continued my old nanny roll for a whole week and LOVED EVERY MINUTE of being the Trammell taxi cab all around Abilene to many , different activities, birthday parties, to and from school, church, out to dinner, and so much more! I love these little girls SO SO MUCH and continue to be amazed each time I see them at how much they have grown. It is such a cool thing to see them growing and progressing as little girls in life and watching them find their little passions & personalities. BUT I sure miss my baby girls ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


Little Elizabeth :)

Little Elizabeth ๐Ÿ™‚

Claire getting down on the hoop haha!

Claire getting down on the hoop haha!

Elizabeth enjoying an ambulance ride with her little friend Bradley at the Grace Museum for Chloe's bday party.

Elizabeth enjoying an ambulance ride with her little friend Bradley at the Grace Museum for Chloe’s bday party.

The next Dr, Trammell , in her words just like Daddy...so cute!!

The next Dr, Trammell , in her words just like Daddy…so cute!!

More medical attention from Dr. Trammell

More medical attention from Dr. Trammell

Sweet Claire showing me her bike skills outside.

Sweet Claire showing me her bike skills outside.

This girl has the greatest smile EVER!!

This girl has the greatest smile EVER!!

My two big girls doing bike races...cannot believe how big and grown up Maggie looks!!

My two big girls doing bike races…cannot believe how big and grown up Maggie looks!!

All three sisters on one swing! Also this was the ONLY picture I got all week of them together...they are so busy. But one is better than none!

All three sisters on one swing! Also this was the ONLY picture I got all week of them together…they are so busy. But one is better than none!

Sister silly time!!

Sister silly time!!

Maggie practicing her cartwheels in the grass, this girl LOVES gymnastics!

Iย  Maggie practicing her cartwheels in the grass, this girl LOVES gymnastics!

Although we had so much fun together while we were there, one pretty big unfortunate thing did happen while I was there. After having made it EIGHT WHOLE MONTHS without having a seizure I had two back to back seizures while I was there which I cannot describe how disappointed I am. I think what really made this seizure worse was the fact that Maggie & Claire saw it happen which ever since I was diagnosed about two years was the one thing I was worried about. I just so desperately never wanted to scare or upset them because I know seeing someone you love have a seizure can be very frightening especially at such a young and fragile age. But I know it did scare them, but luckily I was able to talk with them about it a day or two later. Another thing that so worried and scared me about this seizure was that I had previously been driving and thank God I was not in the car and that was somewhere I was able to get help! We still don’t know really why I had the seizure since I am on two different anti-epileptic medications. But then again I remember Epilepsy is such a frustrating and silly disease that definitely has a mind of its own and often you can be doing everything right, good diet, exercise, taking your meds, getting good sleep and still have a seizure. Unfortunately there are no real answers or cure so I just have to do what I can and follow all of my doctor’s orders.

But all in all it was a great week in Abilene spending time with my family and my sweet little girls there! I cannot wait for my next visit to Abilene hopefully sometime this summer. But we are definitely ready for summer around these parts, so ready for the pool around here! ย  ๐Ÿ™‚

For Sale

Since getting diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes about two years ago I have gone through many different kinds of medications and treatment options trying to find what works for me and my body. One of the most recent things I tried last summer was using an insulin pump which ended up really not being for me and didn’t work for body or my diabetes situation. I know for so many people out there who suffer from Diabetes using an insulin pump works perfectly and is an answer to their prayers. This was not the case for me, so now I have a One Touch Ping Insulin Pump tons of unopened, never before used supplies that go with the pump. Unfortunately I was not able to return it to the company due to their policy. But I am trying my very hardest to post it here and on a few different websites to try and sell the Insulin pump & supplies because I don’t have any sort of need for it any longer. I know Diabetes is such a difficult disease and managing it can often be the hardest part and I would love to be able to help someone out there who could use an insulin pump and/or supplies to go with it. I know how incredibly expensive these can be with or without insurance. Even with the best insurance out there buying this one would save someone ridiculous amounts of money! I know when we got this insulin pump for me I had double insurance through my dad at the time & my husband and the price was still so shocking to me!

Here are a few facts about this insulin pump & supplies:

-Black, One Touch Ping Insulin pump with a clip to attach to clothing

-Insulin pump was only used for 6 months at the very most

-Works perfect, never had any issue with it

-Comes with 6 mm. Infusion sets in a variety of colors, pink, green, blue, and gray

-Also comes with the cartridge supplies

-Along with dvd/cd that walks you through the process of using an insulin pump

-Also comes with the original booklet for any education reading, instructions, etc about the insulin pump & its supplies

-And lastly comes with the Glucose Meter that is digitally hooked up to this insulin pump, this is what holds all of your levels of glucose, basal rates, & bolus.

Now here are some pictures of the supplies I will be selling:

Here is the One Touch Ping Insulin Pump

Here is the One Touch Ping Insulin Pump

Here is a set of the four different colored Infusion sets. They are all the same but come in a variety of pink, green, gray, and blue.

Here is a set of the four different colored Infusion sets. They are all the same but come in a variety of pink, green, gray, and blue.


And here is the Glucose Meter that connects with One Touch Ping Insulin Pump.

And here is the Glucose Meter that connects with One Touch Ping Insulin Pump.

And here is the original owner's booklet to the One Touch Ping.

And here is the original owner’s booklet to the One Touch Ping.

Contact me via email at jillianellison@rocketmail.com regarding this insulin and supplies. I am willing to sell the pump and supplies separately based on needs or altogether if someone could use all of it. I am willing to negotiate pricing on this so please contact with any questions or concerns! Thank you so much ๐Ÿ™‚


Cannot Believe I Won!!

First off, I never win anything, I guess I’m just not a lucky person. I don’t win scratch off lottery tickets usually, random drawings, or anything else where you just enter your name and magically win the grand prize or even anything small. The cards are just usually not laid out for me to win I guess. But low and behold I FINALLY WON something online that I entered my name in for. Now to most people this wouldn’t seem like a “fun & exciting” prize to win but it just felt cool to win something in the first place, and knowing that it is something I need and will REALLY benefit me in great ways I was just so happy when I found out that I won!


So last night I was online browsing and going through all the different blogs that I read when I came upon this Epilepsy blog that I have just found and started to read,ย http://mandykrzywonski.blogspot.com, check it out if you are at all interested in the disease and struggles of Epilepsy. Anyways she is doing an awesome giveaway right now where you enter to win a ScanMed QR band + 1 year membership, which is an amazing gift to anyone struggling with any severe medical condition needing emergency help at any point in life. Ever since getting diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and Epilepsy I have thought and talked about whether or not I should get some kind of medical alert bracelet, and finally had one made. Now the one I have made is super cute, but not very “medical emergency” looking which sometimes could defeat the purpose of having and wearing one at all, but whatever I wear everyday anyways. My very talented cousin Cara made the silverย is ScanMed QR medical alert band + 1 year membership and honestly while entering it online thought to myself this is just stupid of me to even enter this contest because I know I’m not going to win! But much to my surprise this evening as I walked our bag of trash from our apartment to the dumpster I on the way back to our apartment checked my email on my phone and quickly saw the “Congratulations Jillian” email and opened and read it to make sure it was true. And yes it was very true and I still can’t believe I won and kinda can’t believe how excited I got haha!

Here is the link to the website if you want to check out more about the medical alert band and the awesome company who makes them:ย https://scanmedqr.com/ย In just a few of my words I’ll tell you how it works. First of all, it is a white band very similar to the livestrong bracelets so it will be comfortable to wear and very unlikely it will slip off. The white band has the medical alert symbol in red and also says ScanMed QR in red too and has a scan/barcode looking symbol on the other side of the band that can actually be scanned by anyone who finds you in an emergency whether it is an EMT, doctor, nurse, stranger, friend, family member, etc…The only thing necessary when scanning the medical alert band is a cell/smartphone which isn’t a problem these days as most everyone has the Iphone or something very similar. Once the band is scanned your online profile that you set up once you order the band pops up on your phone so that person can see what your name is, your medical condition, emergency contact information, medications you currently take, any allergies you might have, and other information that is very important during an emergency. You can actually even dial 911 straight from the profile screen. I think it is such an awesome company and idea that they have put together to try and help people like me who may be in emergency situations more often than the normal person and especially when you have no way of communicating to whoever finds you in that emergency what is medically wrong with you and all the other important information during that time.

But I for one am so thankful that I actually won this contest and really still can’t believe it! I have actually already set up my online profile with all the important information, I may go back in and add a few other details but the majority of it is finished and I’m basically just waiting on the medical band to arrive in the mail. Since I have already been notified that my order has been received it will be about 3-5 business days until the band arrives. I am definitely anxious to see it in person and wear it and see how it really works and everything! But I will definitely update the blog about it and stuff once I have actually received it in the mail!

Until next time ๐Ÿ™‚

Doctors Appointment Update

Yesterday I had my one week follow up appointment with my neurologist since getting out of the hospital last week. It is going to be more difficult to get to all of my many appointments because of the driving issue with my seizures but I think I will be able to figure something out since I usually only have them about every six weeks. But for yesterdays appointment my dad drove down all the way from Abilene to take me to my appointment which I appreciated and loved so much. It was great having him here even if it was only for about a day, he can always brighten my day and after the last couple of weeks it was just so wonderful to see him and spend time with him! I hope he left feeling a little more educated on Epilepsy and my individual situation since he got to meet my awesome neurologist and thankfully he was able to bring all of my medical records from my doctors and the hospital in Abilene, which I was so grateful for!


But anyways we got to spend the day together eating lunch at Lupe Tortillas, then drove down to the medical center for my appointment which lasted about two hours, then drove home, and then we all picked up Rudy’s Barbeque for dinner and ate at Matt, Jenna, & Parker’s house. Back to my doctor appointment news…my neurologist had alot to say but at the same it still remains somewhat of a waiting game with me just having started this new medicine. Although he increased my new medicine, Depakote a couple of days after leaving the hospital last week, he had to decrease because of quite a few of the side effects I have been dealing with so we are hoping a much slower increase will help but we will just have to wait and see how my body adjusts and how the seizure activity plays out. He did say it was great that I didn’t have any seizures since leaving the hospital last weekend so that was good news and he seemed pretty upbeat about that! He did refer me to a psychiatrist in hopes that will help with the depression and emotional side of everything and really to help just sort through everything that has been going on so I am hoping I can get set up with someone fairly soon. He also informed me that most likely my type of Epilepsy is either from late in life onset or brain injury at birth or in childhood or some type of brain infection at some point in growing up and that it is not the genetic form of Epilepsy that other doctors had told me it was. But otherwise everything went good, like I said before it is all a matter of figuring out if the medicine is working and the right dosage and making sure my body agrees with the medicine and stopping or controlling the side effects. And also just a matter of a waiting game to see how my seizure activity plays out while on the medicine so we know what is and isn’t working for my form of Epilepsy.


Wait, wait, wait…that is the story right now! I will update more on how things are going later on as things progress or as time passes. If my seizures stay under control I don’t have another appointment until December so we shall see! Hoping for the best here ๐Ÿ™‚