2014 goals

I’m going to try to keep my goals simple this year so I don’t overwhelm myself, but I also don’t want to limit myself to one thing, I like to be reminded of other goals so I can keep myself in check in lots of different areas of life.

Here are my Top 10 goals for this new year:

1. Get in shape/lose weight-while this is a constant goal of mine every year, it is a continuous goal and goes along with get my Diabetes under control. I let things go during the holidays and my blood sugar is now way out of control and changing my diet and getting back in shape will get that under control so this is something that must happen.

2.Read more- I want to read at least one book per month. Once I finish the book I am currently reading I have a list of ones that I want to start during this new year and then will continue looking for more to read. It is amazing how much I have learned to read through the past several years.

3.Try one new recipe every week from one of my many cookbooks, pinterest, blogs, or friends. I get really tired of eating some of the same food so I am making this a goal so that some of these new recipes will get put into the regular rotation in our kitchen.

4.Practice more acts of kindness, encouragement, and appreciation on a more regular basis. I notice when you do the slightest act of kindness it can make the biggest effect on the person during the day, such as writing a short, sweet note or giving a simple compliment. I want to do my best this year to show people in my life or strangers for that matter simple acts of kindness, encouragement, and appreciation.

5.Be in God’s word more often- While some might put this in the same category as reading, this is an entirely different goal for me. I would love to read through the bible in a year, but my goal is just going to be to have daily devotionals deep in God’s word because I have discovered you can never truly hear God’s voice and what he wants you to do in your life unless you are really in His word.

6.Be more connected with God-Along with reading God’s word, being connected to God through my relationship with him is something I really want to work on. There are so many tools we have that can strengthen our relationship with God, but we take advantage of them and I want to totally change that this year. The top two being reading and being in God’s word and powerfully praying consistently and constantly.

7.Learn to sew- I got a sewing machine last year for my birthday and I have yet to really learn how to use it and sew. I really want to but find myself being a little intimidated by the sewing because I’ve really never used one. But this is my goal this year because there is so much cute, crafty stuff that I want to be able to make and start selling.

8.Start selling my stuff on Etsy-I recently started an Etsy shop online to try and sell some of the different things that I make for different occasions. I want to broaden my selection in what I am making, but really want to try to sell what I enjoy making so much.

9.Decorate our new house-We just moved into our first house almost two months ago and we are still in the process of putting our stamp on it and making it feel like our own. So one of my goals throughout this year is to decorate our house with our style and to really make it feel like our own.

10.TRAVEL, TRAVEL, TRAVEL-We are hoping to take a fabulous holiday vacation next Christmas or New Year’s to the east coast. And we are already in the process of planning our summer vacation with my immediate family to the beach. Traveling whether far or near is always always a big goal in our lives, we love to get out and see the world that was created for us.

Happy 2014, we are excited for this year and what it will hold! I know there will be lots of fun planned and I cannot wait to make a dent in these goals/resolutions! ๐Ÿ™‚


Some Fall Favorites Of Mine

As fall is approaching I have found so many quite ways to decorate the house for fall and some adorable items for my closet and I just wanted to post a few! And as you look at these pictures remember they are all from Pinterest so anyone can go find and pin them, just wanted to state these are not my pictures or my original ideas, I give Pinterest (the greatest website EVER) and whoever originally posted it all the credit. Since living in the Houston area doesn’t give us such great seasonal opportunities I take what I can get when it comes to cooler temperatures and getting to wear things other than tank tops/short sleeves, shorts, and flip flops. I absolutely love cool weather and really prefer the fashion of fall and winter as opposed to summer. I know I live in the completely wrong city for relying on a change in seasons so any chance I always take what I can get for temperatures below 90!

Since I am still adjusting to being bored at home due to no working or driving I think it is about time I start to get some supplies for some fall projects around the house. Here are a few cute fall projects I had in mind to get started on. The rest of the pictures are of cute fall fashion items I hope to find, hope you enjoy!Image


Cute way of decorating regular white or orange pumpkins and making them unique…plus I love anything chevron print!



Another way to make pumpkins unique…paint or use fabric or scrapbook paper for initials on a pumpkin, LOVE initials!


Again super easy…this one might be a little more messy than the others, but still cute! You could use real or fake pumpkins, of course using fake ones you would be able to use year after year which works better in my opinion. And you could either buy glitter spray paint or go the other way and use spray adhesive and then roll it in glitter. Either way I think they look so pretty!


I love this orange jacket for fall, not to mention it is the PERFECT Longhorn jacket that of course just adds to the cuteness!


LOVE these fabulous glitter boots for fall…I do believe I should own these, they are too fabulous!!


This is a great fall outfit for the beginning of Fall in Houston when the temperatures haven’t really set in permanently at least. I love the mustard yellow color for fall fashion, it is definitely one of my favorite colors to wear. And I have a thing about pleated clothing, whether it is in shirts, skirts, or dresses I just love itImage

There is really nothing I don’t love about this top…I could wear it with jeans or leggings, it really just screams fall to me. And again just another reason to be in love with it is it would be a perfect Longhorn football top for game day.

Well thats about it for now, until next time HAPPY FALL ๐Ÿ™‚

LOVE the month of May

Well hello the month of May, cannot believe you are already greeting us! I don’t know about ย for everyone else out there, but the months seem to fly by even faster every single month, I mean I swear it was just January, CRAZY! But as always I’m so glad to see summer, although it already feels like on full on summer here I’m super excited for a fun filled summer this year! I can’t help but think back sometimes to my experiences of last summer and be SO SO thankful at the progress I have made over the last year with the help of so many amazing doctors, hospitals, medications, and family & friends, and God of course! I thoroughly enjoy being busy and having our weeks and weekends packed full of fun things, which always seem to happen so much during the month of May especially and I just LOVE it!

I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that our month of May and rest of the summer will be packed full of fun times and sometimes cannot contain my excitement about it! So far this weekend we have a fun night at the Houston Ballet with a good friend. Then with next weekend being Mother’s Day weekend Jake’s mom is coming to visit for a few days since she hasn’t been here since Christmas. And the weekend after I am taking a weekend trip to Abilene to see my sweet Trammell girls, its been far far too long, and I am thrilled beyond belief to get to see them in their ballet recital! And the last weekend of May being Memorial Day weekend we have two high school graduations of my cousins in Beaumont. Once all that is over school is out and SUMMER truly begins, what a wonderful feeling!

I’m really doing my best to try and get in shape for summer, with the swimsuits and all, no one really wants to see me in a swimsuit otherwise! I have to admit it’s been kinda hard, harder than I imagined because both Jake & I are really trying to lose weight which means totally different things for both of us. Jake is doing weight watchers and I have been so proud for seeing him try so hard and stick with it, I really think weight watchers is a great program for him to lose weight with because it is so adaptable to a busy and changing schedule and lifestyle. But for me I am just doing calorie/carb counting, trying to be as active as possible, and choosing healthier choices in general. I really do have a weight I want to be at and more than just a number on the scale I have a level of being in shape I would like to be at and I just really want to FINALLY reach that goal so I’m trying my hardest this month to get ready for summer but will be doing it all summer long too! I’m going to try and post our weight loss progress on here like once a month or something, any weight loss tips are more than welcome!

As a end to this welcome to May post I posted the #photoaday for May and hope to be much much better about taking and posting the pictures from each day. I think it is such a fun a creative way to take and share pictures and see how different everyone is, I just love it. Anyways I hope everyone has a great first day of May!! ๐Ÿ™‚


Welcome March!!

While I’m still trying to figure out how to get into a good blogging routine, I decided I am going to do this photoaday for March for something creative and fun to do everyday! I know ALOT of people that have been doing this for the last couple months of the new year and I’m always looking and reading about through instagram, twitter, facebook, and blogs so I thought it would be fun to try out and see how I like doing it for the month of March! I’m going to do ALOT of blog catch-up this weekend, so there are going to be quite a few posts. But I just wanted to do a fast little quick post about a fun way I’m planning to start out March, it’s going to be a fun, but very busy month for us, we are definitely looking forward to it though! Happy March everyone!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Snowbird Design

A blog that I read probably on a daily basis, called Snowbird design is offering an awesome giveaway if any of you reading this are interested. She is actually someone I used to know back during my camp days at ACU, she was such a fun camp counselor while I was a camper there. But she is now done with the camp thing, (as well as me) & is a stay at home mom to one of the most precious little girls I might have ever seen, but has recently started her own designing business. And just from reading her personal blog and visiting her business blog and seeing what products she has to offer I can tell how absolutely creative she is. She will do anything from christmas cards to birth announcements, moving cards, invitations for any type of event and so much more. And probably one of the best things about her business is that her prices are SO great! Since I have recently planned and produced my own wedding the last almost 4 months I know alot about the prices of the designing business and let me tell ya IT AINT ALWAYS CHEAP haha! But anyways she really has such AMAZING work and I would love to use her at any point in the future & would for anyone reading this to go and check her out & try out her business! Thanks hope you enjoy!

oh my I hope the food is good!

ok, so since we have picked the location, sorta have found the flowers I want, we started looking at caterers a couple of weeks ago. Oh my was I surprised at how EXPENSIVE food is for wedding receptions, its basically just ridiculous. But we are trying to look at all our options and figure out what the best deal is going to be, so thats where we are at right now in the wedding planning process. The first caterer we looked at was a lady in Abilene, June Sheppard, she has her own business her in Abilene and does everything from the food, beverages, dishes, linens, flower arrangements, flower bouquets, decorations at the wedding ceremony & reception. The only thing that she does not do are the wedding cakes, but with my family thats not a problem. We have already decided that my mom and one of my aunts will be doing both of the wedding cakes, which is a big relief on stress and finances. But anyways…the first caterer we looked at, her estimate for everything was $2800, which is a little over our budget of $2500. The second catering company we looked at was TopCat Catering, which is a company here in Abilene affiliated with Alleycats restaurant, which was far far past our budget. Although I was very impressed with their food selection and presentation their estimate for everything was about $4500, and I think the numbers tell it all! So today I went on to my next catering option, which was another very nice restaurant here in downtown Abilene, Cypress Street Station, and who were actually reasonably. I gave them all our information of wedding/reception location, estimated guests number, time of wedding, type of food we are looking at, beverages, dishes and linens options, and was told for the number of people and the type of food we are wanting that $2500 was a good price range. The caterer there will be emailing a ballpark estimate and a list of good options as far as food goes, so I look forward to that email.

So right now our next goals are to pick a date, reserve the Elks Art Center for the wedding/reception, choose a caterer. Once we have those things done we can do all the little things whenever we want. I know we will be going dress shopping sometime this summer with me, my mom, my sister, and maybe one of my cousins, and best friend. Jake and I have started looking and listening to alot of music that we want to have at the reception and some of the ceremony music. We have also been discussing our options for who will marrying us, which is actually one of the hardest parts of it I think.

But for now I think thats pretty much it, once we have the set date picked, ALOT more can be done, such as things with the wedding party, working on save the date cards. We have already purchased the invitations and the stuff we are using to put together the save the date cards. We are doing really well as far as time and money go so far I think. I know photography and catering will be our most expensive parts of the wedding. But other than that we have really saved on alot, but everything is just the way we want it right now at least. More later as things progress. Keep checking back,

first BIG wedding decision

So we have finally found a location for the wedding/reception and are so thrilled about it! Last weekend we looked at several different wedding ceremony/reception venues, but finally decided that this place, here in the pictures was perfect for what we want! So see for yourself in the pictures below. Let me know what you think, so please leave me comments ๐Ÿ™‚

The place in the pictures we have choosen is called The Elks Art Center, its in downtown Abilene, right behind the Grace Museum (if you are familiar with Abilene). Like I said both the wedding ceremony & reception will be taking place here because its SO convenient, very large (as you can see), and accomodating.

I just absolutely love the black framed windows all around the room, there is a total of 6 big, black windows. We want to start the ceremony at like 8ish so the sun is setting and its getting dark, which I think will be SO elegant!
The grand ballroom here in these pictures is on the 3rd floor of this building and looks out over downtown Abilene, it has such a contemporary, metropolitan feel to it that I really just love. And the size is really great for the dancing we will be doing at the reception, also for all the tables & chairs, and several different food tables. It was also at such a great price especially for how perfect it is ๐Ÿ™‚
And here is the outside of the building, I think its so cute! So keep in mind North 1st & Cedar in downtown Abilene for late march wedding next spring! Get ready for a fun time! Don’t forget I really wanna know all your thoughts about it, so don’t be afraid to leave a comment ๐Ÿ™‚