The joys of May

I’ve always just loved the month of May for a couple of different reasons but mainly because it really brings about the anticipation of the fun summer months. I know summer is technically still about a full month away for everyone else but living so far down south where we are we are definitely already experiencing summer like temperatures outside and they will only continue to rise! But aside from the weather of summer I love the end of school and the beginning of a fun summer break when all the kids are out of school and fun family vacations and there is nothing at all like the smell of sunscreen and tanning oil, I just love it! We are having a fun summer family vacation for a week in Biscane Beach and I couldn’t be more excited to spend a week at the beach laying out, enjoying the sun, yummy meals with my family, and most of all fun times making memories together.



But until summer really arrives we are living in the moment and enjoying the month and all it has brought us and we have had so much to be thankful for and to really praise God for! First of all about three weeks ago Jake received the news that he would be getting his transfered from downtown Houston area (which is about an hour commute to and from work sometimes longer, especially during traffic) to the west side of Houston which is the area we live in so where he is working now is only a 20 minute commute to and from work which he is loving so much more. He loves the shop he got trasnferred to and the his manager and team he is now working with. And another fabulous blessing that came our way last week was that Jake got his promotion/raise after working so hard for it and I am so so proud of him for performing at the very top of his team at work. He works so hard to provide such a wonderful life for him and I and I am so so thankful that God gave me him and gave him this awesome job that he is completely thriving at! ย It just really feels like things are finally falling into place with his job and life in general, it is such a relief and blessing to have him get his work car so I can finally use the car for errands and all my doctor appointments and everything else going on. God just has such a way of blessing us and this time it feels like a ton of bricks of pressure and relief have been lifted off and I am so thankful!



Also right now we are helping Jake’s brother and sister in law while they are waiting on their rent house to be finished so they have been staying with us since Easter weekend and we have kindly introduced them to our current tv obsession of Dexter. We are currently on the beginning of season 7 and none of us can believe how things have unfolded. But Jake & I are deciding right now what to watch next since we will be finished watching Dexter very soon at the rate we watch since its on Netflix and all of our main cable shows are all wrapping this week as well. Currently I’m so sad to even think about Dr. Cristina Yang leaving Grey’s Anatomy because that is really my true obsession. I’m still really trying to figure out how they are going to play it all out with Yang leaving, Owen staying or leaving, Mer/Der leaving or staying, and what the heck season 11 is going to be like since I know most of the original will be back. Oh my how I’m such a tv addict no matter the cable package I have haha we downgraded this year to the basic cable package along with HBO and Netflix so I guess I’ll always find some tv show to be obsessed with! Let me know in the comments any suggestions that are great binge watching tv shows. I’m considering Scandal, True Detective, and we are also continuing Orange Is The New Black Season 2 which premieres June 6th I think.




Easter Weekend

Unfortunately this is going to be a sad looking post because we never took one single picture on Easter Sunday. We spent Easter Sunday with Jake’s side of the family because our sister in law, Dani, made the most important decision and got baptized and dedicated her life to Christ. So we went to church with Jake’s brother and sister in law to support her along with Jake’s mom who was in town for Easter weekend and then out to brunch after church then home to hang out, play games, just be lazy, and do Easter baskets together. It was a pretty nice relaxing weekend, Jake’s mom stayed until Monday afternoon. And we were so blessed to be able to celebrate Dani giving her life to Christ, there is not one thing that is more important!! I feel very thankful that Dani asked us to come be a part of her special day and support her in this big decision she chose to make in her life!


And we spent Friday night with my family at my cousin’s wedding in Houston which was so much fun to get to spend the evening together and celebrate another wedding in the family. But I am so sad about not having Easter Sunday pictures, that is a huge deal where I come from, I still come from the mindset of Easter dresses, new shoes to go with it and taking your pictures outside the house before and after church. If you ever check out my instagram jilliegrace is my username, you will see how much I love #tbt especially old Easter pictures!




Book List 2014

One of my main goals for ย the new year is to read more so here is a short list of what I will be reading in the next couple months. I currently just finished Orange Is The New Black and plan to start watching the first season of the show on Netflix. I’m not the fastest reader so for right now I’m not making my reading list super long, five books is enough for now. I have a certain type of book that I prefer to read and sometimes stepping outside of my comfort zone is beneficial but other times I really hate myself for it! For the most part I am a non-fiction, biography/auto-biography, memoirs type of person, and on the very very rare chance I will enjoy a fiction book. I plan to do a report type of post after I am finished reading each book to tell what I thought about each book.

breaking free image

gifted hands book image

proof of heaven image

gone girl book image

the shipping news image

Christmas 2013

I hope everyone had a very merry Christmas and Happy New Year and that 2014 has gotten off to a fantastic start! This is a picture from our church small group Christmas party we had at our house about a month ago. Here we all are holding our crazy white elephant gifts, we had alot of fun exchanging and just hanging out and enjoying Christmas goodies! But that was our only Christmas event since Jake’s company had their Christmas party as a day luncheon instead of a dinner party. And before we knew it we were rushing around trying to finish ordering and buying all our Christmas gifts for our families. Then the family was here and it was time to celebrate! This year we had Jake’s family here for Christmas, we did Christmas Eve dinner with them at our house. I made Pioneer Women’s white chicken enchiladas which were fabulous, we had Lupe Tortilla’s Tamales, rice & beans, I love mexican food on Christmas probably because that is what I grew up having on Christmas Eve. Then we had homemade hot apple cider and went out and looked out at Christmas lights in the car. And for Christmas Day we spent the morning and had breakfast with my family over at my sister’s house and enjoyed watching our sweet nephew Parker open his presents from Santa Clause and everyone else and all exchanged gifts with each other. Jake & I got some really neat stuff, tools, socks, hats, Home Depot gift cards, a few magazine subscriptions, candy, and some other gadgets for Jake. As for me scarves, jewelry, new panties, a job haha (my parents will be paying me to clean my sister’s house, which was also a Christmas gift from my parent’s to my sister). I also got a magazine subscription, some new socks, some candy, new hair ties, new make up.

And the rest of the morning we just spent the time hanging out before leaving to head back to our house to do Christmas Day with Jake’s family. We did all our presents and got some great gifts and then Jake cooked an awesome late Christmas lunch of ham, green beans, roasted potatoes, sweet potatoes, and rolls. Jake ended up getting exactly what he wanted despite the difficult effort behind it, he got the game he wanted along with his PS4 system and some other small goodies along with quite a few movies. While I got some pretty awesome stuff I have been wanting such as a white waffle knit robe with my initials monogrammed on the front, the Coldplay Mylo Xylto live dvd, lots of new make up, a new purse, a few new clothes, a few scarves, a new devotional book, a new wallet, a new watch, more new jewelry, new nail polish, a whole new set of make brushes, new knobs for my vanity, and best of all Jake recovered an old hotel vanity stool with some cute fabric to go along with my vanity he was refinishing for me to match our bedroom. I will share pictures of all our favorite gifts soon and especially the refinished vanity and stool that are all done and beautiful, they look fabulous in our room!

This Christmas was really a different kind of holiday for me with not spending all of Christmas Day with my grandparents, all my aunts, and cousins and such for the first time in 27 years but I survived and am just so grateful to everyone that I was able to see both sides of our family on Christmas Day. And as far as the rest of the holiday time, we spent some time with some friends that we don’t ever get to see that live in Houston since everyone was on the holiday break. And also did some organizing and cleaning kind of stuff around the house before New Year’s time came which felt so good. I sure do LOVE a good clean and organized house!

The one debbie downer to our Christmas break was how increibely sick our sweet little Boston Terrier, Emmitt got on Christmas Day and was down for about a week. He started getting sick on Christmas Day sometime just not looking like himself and yelping in pain when anyone would touch him or try and pick him up, especially if you held him near or by his stomach. At that point we had absolutely no idea what could be wrong, we thought he ate something outside and honestly just thought he would be fine the next day or something. But as everyone was leaving that night he started to look worse in the face and his stomach area was getting very bloated and he began to breathe heavily and that was we began to worry more and decided to keep a really close eye on him. And throughout that night and early morning he threw up about 6-7 times and I couldn’t have felt more sorry for him, you could just tell how bad he felt by looking in his sweet eyes. And all this throwing up continued throughout the week, his first day of not throwing up was on Sunday, but he didn’t start eating his dog food until yesterday, which was exactly a week since Christmas Day. We don’t know what he got, but it clearly compromised his poor little system, we really think it was some kind of stomach bug because nothing he ate outside or inside would have made him that sick especially with the fact that he went days without eating so there would have been nothing for him to throw up which really makes me think it was some kind of stomach bug. We are just SO GLAD he is finally feeling better and acting like himself. And I for one was getting really tired of cleaning up throw up and washing all of his blankets and everything, but luckily nothing got ruined in the process.

Up next New Year’s post!

These faces make me smile :)



One of the weeks I was blessed to be in Abilene over the summer while Jake was in Dallas and then Washington DC I had our very good friend and photographer who takes all our pictures do me with my sweet Trammell girls because I really wanted some good recent pictures of me with them! I’m sure most of you know how it is, the only way you get good pictures of them is if you are behind the camera taking the pictures and selfishly I want to be in the picture with them sometimes because I want to have these wonderful memories to look back on one day and remember how blessed I was and how special of children they were and just how fast they grew!

First of all, I honor photographers who graciously work with kids, especially small kids because Elizabeth who is 4 isn’t one for pictures especially this particular day, but with a little talking through and coaxing we were able to get some really cute ones that I love and will always cherish! I can’t look at these pictures without thinking about the journey that I have been on with these sweet girls and their family! If you have read this blog at all you know what these girls mean to me and you are probably tired of hearing about it but it is just part of my story and everyone has one that means the world to them and this is just part of mine! I couldn’t do my life without these sweet little smiling faces among others but they are so BEYOND important!! ๐Ÿ™‚ I love you Maggie, Claire, & Elizabeth


Gotta have a smiling with all three


LOVE this one with Elizabeth’s mouth wide open from laughing


Both Claire & Elizabeth look so cute in this one and Maggie is laughing just in a more mature way.


Maggie is clearly the older sister


Love you sweet baby sister…I remember the day you entered the world!


Love my sweet Elizabeth



Love my Claire




Best job I ever applied for, thank you sweet Claire!


There is no one who couldn’t love this girl right here!


Love me some Claire Louise ๐Ÿ™‚


My very first Trammell girl ๐Ÿ™‚


Big sister Maggie


Look at that face ๐Ÿ™‚


Just look at that pose, that’s my Claire Bear right there!


And here is my sweet girl tribe…love them to death ๐Ÿ™‚


LOVE Elizabeth’s face in this one…really shows off her silly and funky personality!


Happy Summer!

Although not in school anymore or having a full time outside of the house job summer feels very different. But nonetheless it is still an exciting and wonderful time of the year with so many things to enjoy! I always look forward to a change of the seasons even though it is already good and hot here, this week we have been in the 90 temperatures already. I can only imagine what July & August will feel like, but that is what living in the south during the summer time is all about! I’ve done it all my life so what is another summer ha!?


Here are a few things that I have been PINspired by lately for this summer:

cute comfortable dresses

LOVE these cute and super comfy summer dresses…great for all the hot days!

coral wedges

Great color combination wedges, would definitely match alot in my closet, hopefully I can find something like it!

colored denim shorts

I love all colored denim, shorts, jeans, or capri pants…these colored denim shorts would be great for casual summer days with a cute t-shirt.

maxi skirts

Loving these solid maxi skirts for casual or dressier occasions

monogram pocket tee

Can’t get enough of monogramming clothes and would love to have a few t-shirts monogrammed for the summer like this

white beach dress

LOVE this light, flowy white dress…it would definitely be beautiful for beach pictures this summer.

vintage sunglasses

LOVE anything inspired by the 1960s & 1970s and can’t get enough of these vintage 1960s sunglasses for the summer!

stripe maxi dress


These striped, ย cotton maxi dresses are the best for any occasion especially for hot summer days, with it being flowy it helps keep you much cooler in the crazy Texas heat!


Wrapping up February

I cannot believe the month of February has already come and gone, I know I say that after every month passes but the months really seem to just fly by lately! The month of February was not too terribly busy, but busy enough to have been blessed to do alot of fun things together with friends and family. I just wanted to write a short little post about the Nassar February events and show pictures of what we have been up to.


Afternoon park date with the sweetest nephew in the world!

Afternoon park date with the sweetest nephew in the world!

First book I finished in February, it was a great read, I'm currently reading the second on

First book I finished in February, it was a great read, I’m currently reading the second on

Hanging out with sweet Emma one afternoon. Have I mentioned how much I love the sight of my husband holding a sweet baby girl!? Yeah it pretty much melts my heart :)

Hanging out with sweet Emma one afternoon. Have I mentioned how much I love the sight of my husband holding a sweet baby girl!? Yeah it pretty much melts my heart ๐Ÿ™‚

Enjoying some SmashBurger one Friday night with Parker & his mom & dad.

Enjoying some SmashBurger one Friday night with Parker & his mom & dad.

Parker rocking in his rocking chair...such a precious site!

Parker rocking in his rocking chair…such a precious site!

Bath time fun with my favorite little buddy!

Bath time fun with my favorite little buddy!

My gorgeous Valentine's Day present from my sweet husband! Oh how I love Orchids :)

My gorgeous Valentine’s Day present from my sweet husband! Oh how I love Orchids ๐Ÿ™‚

Happy Birthday to my wonderful, hard working, sweet husband! He turned 25 this month so of course we celebrated :)

Happy Birthday to my wonderful, hard working, sweet husband! He turned 25 this month so of course we celebrated ๐Ÿ™‚