Our Big News

Yes it’s been awhile, but I think I can say that I’ll be updating more often here now. So back in April God sent us the biggest surprise and gift we could have ever asked for! As we have been trying to get things in the right order as far as my health and timing goes we celebrated our five year wedding anniversary March 20th and had no idea what would be coming in the next few weeks! Right after Easter I started imageimagefeeling weird, sick, nauseated all the time, and ridiculously tired. I won’t lie but the thought of maybe being pregnant definitely crossed my mind but I quickly dismissed it because I just thought that could never be true and just felt somehow I would know without a doubt if I was pregnant. Well all of these physical symptoms went on for about two weeks probably until Jake decided it was time to find out one way or another, he all along thought I was pregnant which of course he turned out to be right! So on a late night during a bad rain storm he went out to Walgreens and bought a box of pregnancy tests and I decided to take it Sunday morning before headed to church, April 20th. I took two tests first before church and was in complete shock and disbelief by the positive result so we stopped by the grocery store on the way home from church and picked up another box of pregnancy tests and I took another two tests that Sunday afternoon which again came out being positive! We were both in utter shock and disbelief, yet so excited and anxious!

We did a lot of talking and praying over the next few days and I made my first doctors appointment to confirm everything for the next week. We had our first exam, ultrasound, and round of blood tests. It was all very much confirmed that I was indeed pregnant and about 8 weeks along. We decided to wait and tell our families the weekend of Mother’s Day which was about three to four weeks from when we first found out and it was the hardest secret to keep from telling the people you love and want to tell the very most! I was about 11 weeks when we first told our families and telling them was fabulous! We bought both of our mom’s a pandora bracelet charm that was a baby carriage and gave them a Mother’s Day card to go along with it. We were not able to tell my parents in person sinimagece they were not in town for Mother’s Day weekend so we mailed my mom a Mother’s Day card and pandora charm which she received Monday evening. After opening the package both my parents facetimed us which was fun, there were tears and lots of excitement and joy from them and everyone else we told. We told my grandparents, aunts, and cousins on Mother’s day, I gave my nana a Mother’s Day card and wrote the big news inside of it, she immediately cried and gave me a big hug and then passed the card around to let everyone else in on the news! There were tons of tears and hugs along with lots of screaming which was so fun!!

We waited to tell our closest friends in Abilene Memorial Day weekend when we visited for The Trammell girls ballet recital. We bought them pink and blue flower bouquets to give them after the recital was over and told them the big news! Everyone was so super excited and there were hugs from all around! We then let out our special news to the rest of the world via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and any other way of social media you could think of.

I’m now 16 weeks along and we are so so excited for everything we have unfolding over the next few months! We are especially excited for our next ultrasound on July 15th to find out the gender of our sweet baby! All has been going very well so far throughout the pregnancy we are working hard with my amazing doctor to keep my diabetes and seizures under control but so far it’s all going great, the baby is growing and developing perfect and we could not be more thankful to God for that! We are praying constantly for a continued healthy pregnancy and baby! But we are beside ourselves excited for this new journey in our lives!!!!


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