Just some thoughts

I realize I haven’t updated since Halloween time and holiday busyness is my only excuse, but now that the holidays are all over I have no REAL excuse and have quite a few posts to get this blog back updated, at least somewhat! But before I go back and write about all of our holiday fun and such, I just had a post of all kind of random thoughts that I just needed to get out there. Sorry if it seems random or like my thoughts or going in a million different directions but that is pretty much how I feel these days!

So I will write more when I get everything updated about my new year’s resolutions, but one of my goals this year is to pray, not just more, but to pray in a different and passionate way than I have before. I feel like it is our true connection to the daily presence of God aside from His word, and I have just really felt pressed to REALLY FOCUS on connecting through prayer to God this year! There is alot going on in our lives right now that I’m so so so thankful for and some things that are out of our control and all we can do is hand it over to God and continue to passionately pray for guidance through all of our plans.

I started something towards the end of 2014 that really helped bring me closer to God and made reading His word much more simple and easier to understand. It’s a website/company/app called shereadstruth and I just LOVE it, it has helped the Bible seem not so intimidating! I usually do my reading/journaling/prayer time either in the morning or later at night after Jake has gone to bed. I use the website version and they do all kinds of different topics or books of the Bible and always a few scriptures that you read along with a couple of paragraphs written by an amazing faith inspired woman of God. I did so many last year, but I just started their study on the book of John and I can’t wait to see what God has to show through reading and studying it! If you or any woman you know is looking for a simple, easy, manageable Bible study that they can do on their own or in a group I would highly suggest this website/app.

We are about to start a new Bible study with our small group at church about marriage/relationships and I just love having this website to turn to when I just need a little “me” time whether my heart is full of joy, thanksgiving, pain, stress, anxiety, or anything else. I have just been amazed at how much putting a little worship music on, reading through a short study, and some prayer can really do for my heart, spirit, and attitude about life. I love the way it makes me feel and hope I can move it up a notch in this new year!!


One thought on “Just some thoughts

  1. I started She Reads Truth and I LOVE it. I am doing the John plan for January and also the 365 days of truth plan. It really is helping me dig deeper and makes the Bible seem a little less intimidating. I am kind of obsessed with this resource actually. 🙂

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