Happy Halloween

I have always LOVED Halloween time since I was a little girl and still do to this day and like to dress up as something just for fun every year! I know alot of people these days who have issues or hate the holiday of Halloween for whatever reason but it has always been just a fun time of year in my opinion that really kicks off the season of fall getting to dress up in a fun costume with lots of different activities all involving trick or treating and getting candy! What couldn’t be fun about dressing up and getting candy?

This year we did a few things for Halloween, the main thing being volunteering at our church Halloween carnival which is like a trunk or treat for a very large area so lots and lots families show up. The church brings in all kinds of bounce houses, music entertainers/performers, Chick fil-A, pizza, and many other typical carnival games for all the kids that come. As a volunteer you are supposed to pick a theme for your car and then decorate your car and dress up in costume accordingly. There are lots of cars for all the families to walk around with their Halloween buckets/bags and get candy. All of the candy is donated by members of the church throughout the year, it is amazing to see how much candy we get for this event. So this year for the Halloween carnival we chose to do our car in an 80s, “I love the 80s” theme which was really fun seeing all the different age groups of parents and kids reacting to our costumes, decorations, and love for the 80s! I dressed as just an 80s girl and unfortunately I didn’t have a picture of Jake and his costume on my big camera since I took a few on my phone that night. But he dressed as Pac-Man, painted/made himself a video game/pac-man t-shirt which was a huge hit, people couldn’t believe that he painted it himself haha! We had two other friends that helped with our 80s theme, one dressed as another 80s girls, neon colors, scrunchies, and fun socks. And the other guy was a cassette tape, which was hilarious. The other car next to us were part of our small group so we were kinda all doing it together did a Duck Dynasty theme and dressed in camo, hunting, and dressed their twin baby boys as Willie & Uncle Si which so funny and a huge hit at the carnival!

Being part of the carnival is alot of fun and definitely somethiing I would do again, alot of fun to pick out a theme and decorate your car and find a costume. But the only downside is that I didn’t get to walk around too much and see everyone I wanted to see in all their different costumes and get more pictures of everything! I tried to get as many pictures as I could but handing out candy to crazy amounts of kids gets pretty hard, they want all the candy, its gets crazy!! But I did get a good picture of our 80s themed car decorated and got a picture of myself all in costume by the decorated car. Also got a picture of two of the best cars I liked the most at the carnival, one was done in Candy Land board game theme which was super cute, the other was Frozen theme and it was just very well done, the guy had cut out and made/painted the big characters.

All in all it was a fun time at the Halloween carnival seeing lots of fun costumes. We also were able to hand out some candy on the night of Halloween to a few trick or treaters that came to our house which was so fun because this was our very Halloween to be in a house, versus an apartment. I hope everyone had a fun Halloween and has a great week!







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