Way Back When

Well as usual this blog has been neglected through the business of life so some of these posts happened quite awhile ago but I still feel the need to document the pictures and memories. Life is a journey and I hope to one day go back to this and remember what was happening through my writing and pictures. I am going to really do my best to put forth a much better effort at keeping this more up to date, like holding myself to blogging once a week even if it is about nothing at all, who cares, sometimes life is about nothing!

But other than daily life we spent our summer just sweating, working around here, and bumming around, and did I mention anything to cool a.k.a. the pool as much as possible, it was a hot one!! But fun nontheless, we spent our summer vacation with my family near Galveston Beach rented a  big beach house for us all to stay together in which was on the same road as my Aunt Monica’s awesome beach house. We all had such a fun week being together, there were tons of kids, lots of noise, so much food. and the beach, so it was just like old times but way better!! We all decided that we want to start trading in our huge massive amounts of Christmas shopping for family vacations and for right while we have little ones that can’t really travel so far an hour or so trip to the beach for the week sounds like perfection!

We got to be at the beach for the 4th of July which was quite a show and just so fun and patriotric feeling. We had a big BBQ that night and I can remember having enough meat to feed an army, it was craziness! We also had the chance to go out to eat one night at a local seafood restaurant and although there was a long wait for our table our food was still good. And the restaurant had a really fun atmosphere with being right on the bay, lots of boats to look, tons of rock to throw and play with, a fun deck to walk around, a fun bar to drink and wait around at, and a game of cornhole which was fun and really made the time pass quickly until your table was ready. We all had the most fun together on the beach and are so blessed and lucky to get to call each other family and are so very thankful for everyone and everything God has put into our lives, sometimes our joy makes us speechless!! Until next year we love the beach!!






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