Goals for the remainder of summer

Since summer is about half way over I wanted to write a post on some goals I have for the rest of the summer since most of our major summer traveling is over. This post is mainly for my benefit so I can look back on it but I always love reading others goals so maybe whoever is reading this will get something out of it, enjoy!


  • Finish two books- I’m currently reading Gone Girl and next on my list is A Light Between Oceans.
  • Work on redecorating house- Obviously I won’t be redecorating the entire house, but I’m in the process of redoing certain rooms, furniture & walls.
  • Transform the way we grocery shop & eat- This is a goal that has been put off for far too long and it is something that is about to happen for our family and I’m very excited to see the changes that come.
  • Start working on planning our upcoming Christmas/New Years vacation to Boston & New York
  • Update framed pictures in our house
  • Finish Ancestry.com family trees & have them printed and put into a book
  • Get back to cooking more
  • Get back to more crafts
  • Get back to food journaling- I have really slacked off with doing my daily food journal this summer, but its something I really need to get back to for health reasons, as encouraged by my dietitian it really helps me keep my diabetes and health in check.
  • Be more productive and intentional with my time

2 thoughts on “Goals for the remainder of summer

  1. If you are just itching to do a craft I will pay you to do a craft for me!! LOL. I have been wanting to make something for our front door and have been looking around Pinterest but just don’t know what to chose! Plus, let’s face it. . . I have zero craftiness in my bones. 🙂

  2. I would be so thrilled to make you something for your front door or any other fun craft decor needs you want haha. Let me know some ideas of what you would like for your front door and I’d love to get started. 🙂

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