The joys of May

I’ve always just loved the month of May for a couple of different reasons but mainly because it really brings about the anticipation of the fun summer months. I know summer is technically still about a full month away for everyone else but living so far down south where we are we are definitely already experiencing summer like temperatures outside and they will only continue to rise! But aside from the weather of summer I love the end of school and the beginning of a fun summer break when all the kids are out of school and fun family vacations and there is nothing at all like the smell of sunscreen and tanning oil, I just love it! We are having a fun summer family vacation for a week in Biscane Beach and I couldn’t be more excited to spend a week at the beach laying out, enjoying the sun, yummy meals with my family, and most of all fun times making memories together.



But until summer really arrives we are living in the moment and enjoying the month and all it has brought us and we have had so much to be thankful for and to really praise God for! First of all about three weeks ago Jake received the news that he would be getting his transfered from downtown Houston area (which is about an hour commute to and from work sometimes longer, especially during traffic) to the west side of Houston which is the area we live in so where he is working now is only a 20 minute commute to and from work which he is loving so much more. He loves the shop he got trasnferred to and the his manager and team he is now working with. And another fabulous blessing that came our way last week was that Jake got his promotion/raise after working so hard for it and I am so so proud of him for performing at the very top of his team at work. He works so hard to provide such a wonderful life for him and I and I am so so thankful that God gave me him and gave him this awesome job that he is completely thriving at!  It just really feels like things are finally falling into place with his job and life in general, it is such a relief and blessing to have him get his work car so I can finally use the car for errands and all my doctor appointments and everything else going on. God just has such a way of blessing us and this time it feels like a ton of bricks of pressure and relief have been lifted off and I am so thankful!



Also right now we are helping Jake’s brother and sister in law while they are waiting on their rent house to be finished so they have been staying with us since Easter weekend and we have kindly introduced them to our current tv obsession of Dexter. We are currently on the beginning of season 7 and none of us can believe how things have unfolded. But Jake & I are deciding right now what to watch next since we will be finished watching Dexter very soon at the rate we watch since its on Netflix and all of our main cable shows are all wrapping this week as well. Currently I’m so sad to even think about Dr. Cristina Yang leaving Grey’s Anatomy because that is really my true obsession. I’m still really trying to figure out how they are going to play it all out with Yang leaving, Owen staying or leaving, Mer/Der leaving or staying, and what the heck season 11 is going to be like since I know most of the original will be back. Oh my how I’m such a tv addict no matter the cable package I have haha we downgraded this year to the basic cable package along with HBO and Netflix so I guess I’ll always find some tv show to be obsessed with! Let me know in the comments any suggestions that are great binge watching tv shows. I’m considering Scandal, True Detective, and we are also continuing Orange Is The New Black Season 2 which premieres June 6th I think.




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